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Will augmented reality ever really catch on?

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Joseph T Ortega

Be a Warrior and not a Worrier

When virtual contents are blended with the real objects of the world with the use of technology, digital and graphic effects, various types of dimensions and interactive characters, it is called augmented reality. Augmented reality has captured the attraction of almost all the people of the world. The prime reason for its success is the massive growth rate and demand for smartphones, PCs, tablets, laptops, and Playstations. In other words, there is a deep relationship between digital devices and augmented reality mechanisms. More than 80% of the people remain busy in playing various online games which provide the flavor of precisely the real world and effects. Technology has improved in such extents that people are getting drowned in the world of augmented reality. 

 Let’s take an example of a game named Pokemon Go which is exceptionally demanding and played by lots of users. Studies and surveys have revealed that there are more than 600 million downloads reported for this game in a single month. Besides, there are many other games or shows which are in high demands. Human beings are facing extremely tight schedules and stress in their regular lives. Augmented reality has recently proved to be one of the most challenging fields for human beings to get rid of stress and frustrations instantly. This is one of the places to get detached from the real world for quite a long time. 

 It is said that there is no long time when augmented reality is going to capture the real world soon. Various big enterprises and IT developers are on the way to produce such a device where human beings can interact and operate with the virtual world differently from now. There are still many drawbacks reported for the effects of augmented reality. Human beings are gradually getting wholly detached from the real external world and entirely grasped by the augmented reality. They are merely finding lives in virtual images and not in the actual world.

Many prominent international companies like Google is going on investing a vast sum of money in creating such headsets where the sound quality can be entirely in a real mode. There are even lots of scope where augmented reality has shaped its space. If you think about GPS, nowadays most of the people are entirely dependent on GPS, and it does not require the help of the people to find out a place. Thus, there is an excellent possibility where augmented reality can capture the actual fact any day.


Andrea Vurlow

Living life on my own terms

When objects of the real world are combined with the content of the virtual world that is when augmented reality is created. This new technology has gained a lot of attention since the time it has been introduced, and it is expected that it is going to take over the future soon. One of the main reasons behind the growth of augmented reality is the increasing demand for laptops, smartphones — gaming consoles, tablets, etc.

What is the future of augmented reality like?

New technologies are coming up every single day, and augmented reality happens to be one of the most attention-grabbing ones. This particular technology has witnessed a lot of growth in the last decade. Augmented reality is expected to bring some major changes in the manufacturing, healthcare, and retail field. For example, people working in the engineering field can improve the quality of their work with the help of augmented reality. When technical information is available in 3D format, it becomes much easier and faster to process by the human mind.

Coming to the healthcare industry, it has already introduced a lot of lucrative opportunities. For example, augmented technology can be used for several different purposes, including surgeries, medical training, and rehabilitation.

Other than the mentioned sectors, augmented reality is also extensively used in various other fields such as gaming. One of the epic examples is Pokemon Go. Based on augmented reality, the game took the Pokemon fans by the storm.

Considering the changes and improvements brought by augmented reality, it can be said that it is here to stay. Currently, experts are trying to make better uses of technology. In the coming future, the technology is expected to benefit the world industries in several ways.

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