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Why were trade unions formed?


Anjana Roy

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A trade union refers to an organization made up of members, and its membership is mainly for the working-class.  The main aim of these unions is to protect the rights and interests of its working-class members. Though these unions are not dependent on any employer, they maintain a firm relationship with them. This makes the working of the union better. The trade unions mainly focus on the following terms:

  • Negotiation of wage and working environment: A safe working environment is a required factor for any employee. The representatives of this union ensure the employees a better working mode with fair wages. They also ensure to maintain security in all terms: financial, physical and also mental tortures.

  • Raising of demands in the representation of members: The trade unions help the members in raising demands for a better standard of living which is being passed on to the upper-level management by the trade union manager or leader.

  • Provision for facilities: A provision must be maintained by the organization for better schooling facilities, cultural and medical facilities for workers and their families. But if the organization fails to meet these, then the trade unions come to their play.

  • Better results: The trade unions formed can help the workers get better results in against of their hard work and contribution in the organization or company.

  • Participation in management: By this, the workers can participate in the management’s decision making, policy formulation. They will be having a right in the company relations.

  • Influencing government: This contributes to pressure on the government to pass labor laws, improvement in working conditions, benefitting workers and their dependents, security and retirement, welfare policies, redressal of grievances when needed.

  • Promoting interests: The trade unions can go through the interests of the workers and can be employed according to it.

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