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Why my articles are rejected?

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MK NIYAS Verified

Co-founder and CEO at AirTract

AirTract is an open platform for authentic voices to share their knowledge and experience. We aim to contribute valuable and trustworthy content to our readers. 

We truly appreciate your interest in contributing to AirTract. Your in-depth knowledge is of great value to our readers. At the same time, we also provide you the right platform to exhibit your expertise and establish as an expert. 

Due to the high number of contribution request we get to deal with, we have a high-standard set for posts on our platform. Before you submit your content to AirTract, check through these guidelines to boost the chances of approval.

General Content Guidelines

  1. The content should be unique to AirTract. 

  2. The content should be well-researched.

  3. The writing should be clean and clear. Avoid wordy sentences.

  4. The content must be written in English.

  5. Images and videos are encouraged to grab the attention of readers.

  6. We encourage you to use royalty-free images. 

  7. We expect you not to violate the copyright in terms of images. Remember to give credit if required. 

  8. We do not accept content that promotes violence or hatred against people.

  9. We do not accept content that promotes harmful conspiracies, gambling, or illegal sexual services.

  10. Duplicate content will be rejected. We strictly check the content for plagiarism.

  11. We do not allow spam on AirTract. Spam content will be immediately removed from AirTract without prior notification.

  12. Content solely for the promotional purpose will be rejected right away.

  13. Do not expect to earn money. We do not pay for our bloggers.

  14. We reserve the right to replace or remove any links if found spammy or inappropriate.

Guidelines For Articles

  1. The article title should be framed properly. (preferably 50 - 60 characters)

  2. Your article must be 1000+ words and must offer something valuable to our readers.

  3. Use subheadings and bullet points to make the article more readable.

  4. Keep the paragraphs short (100 words approx.) to assure a high readability score.

  5. All the reports and surveys should be backed with proper sources.

  6. The article should be free from any grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

  7. The article will be strictly checked for plagiarism.

  8. The articles should follow the General Content Guidelines mentioned above.

Guidelines for Answers and Questions

  1. Any question found inappropriate or spammy will be removed immediately.

  2. The answer should be helpful to the people who are interested in the question.

  3. Outdated, incorrect, or otherwise misleading answers will be deleted.

  4. Comments about the question or answer should be added in the respective comment box and not as an answer.

  5. Copied/ plagiarized answers will be deleted immediately.

  6. Use images from authentic sources only. 

  7. Videos or images added should contain related explanations relevant to the question.

  8. Too promotional answers will be removed immediately.

  9. Affiliate links are not permitted.

  10. The answers should follow the General Content Guidelines mentioned above.

Reasons your Content got Rejected.

  1. The content fails to meet our quality guidelines.

  2. Use of inappropriate language.

  3. The content or links are found spammy.

  4. Plagiarized content will be rejected.

  5. No proper profile image and name provided. 

  6. Finally, the content may have already been covered on our site.

How to report a violation? 

If you see any content violating the guidelines mentioned above, you are free to report it right away or sent an email to for review.

AirTract aims for each knowledge shared on the platform to be the best possible information. Each member of our AirTract community is highly responsible for holding on these standards.

Airtract MK NIYAS Verified -

Hi Damian Ferreira, First of all, sorry for the inconvenience happened to you. We only reject articles that are poorly promotional intent; we are approving articles if it adds value to the readers and the links within the articles are fine if relevant to the content. Check the 12th point on general guidelines "12. Content solely for the promotional purpose will be rejected right away.". Anyway, we will check the article you submitted and approve it if it meets the standards.

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