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Why is tourism important?

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Rochan Chand

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When we say that a particular country’s economic condition is well developed, it is indicated by the GDP of that country. Likewise, the world’s GDP is mainly based on some factors which help in the development of the economic condition. Presently, among any such factors and industries, tourism is now founded as one of the most important sectors that have resulted in a significant impact on the development of the economy. 

Every year billions of people travel to different parts of the world. As a result, they need a perfect guide to understand how to move. Here tourism industry plays a massive role in proper guidance. Tourism management includes a lot of functions like event planning, lodging, convention planning, food service, customer service, marketing, gaming, etc. Thus, through tourism, a considerable amount of income is generated to the nation.

When it comes to service sectors, tourism has a major role. Here they are listed as follows:

 1. In today’s world, the transportation and communication system is degrading day by day. Through tourism management, this problem can be solved easily. 

2. Tourism has a significant impact on the development of the Gross Domestic Economy of a country. 

3. When the tourism industry develops, a large number of related industries like textile industries, cottage industries, furniture industries, travel agents companies, etc. get a scope to grow its economy. 

4. There is an opportunity to opt for huge openings for jobs in various sectors of tourism management. 

5. The development of tourism furnishes the social and economic condition of the country. On the other hand, it provides a means to connect various people of the world with different cultures and religions together. 

6. Tourism helps a lot in the environmental and ecological development of the country. The projects on tourism are very eco-friendly. 

7. As the economic condition improves, the poverty levels, hunger, malnutrition, etc. gets reduced easily. 

When it comes to the educational point, tourism helps in the broadening of the mindset of the young generation as they get a chance to connect with a large number of people from different parts of the world. Again tourists who travel from one region to another through the help of travel agencies, get to know various people with different cultures and backgrounds and develop better relationships.

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Supriya Daanish Thakur

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Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. No matter which country you go, tourism occupies a large portion of revenue for each country. This is one of the main reasons why countries pay more attention to improving their tourism sector.

If you are wondering how tourism contributes to the revenue generation of a country, here is a simple example for you. When you plan to visit a country, you buy plane tickets, get your visa done, book a place to stay and do all the other things that are required. All this money that you pay to avail these services forms a part of the country’s revenue generation. Other than revenue generation, tourism also has many other things to offer.

Importance of tourism

The importance of tourism for a country can be described in the following pointers.

  1. Revenue generation is perhaps the most important role that tourism plays for a country. Many of the countries in the world are largely dependent on the revenue collected from the tourism industry. The money collected from this particular sector is then used for the welfare of the country.

  2. Tourism also generates a lot of employment opportunities. For example, when a country has a large income of tourists, more hotels are made to accommodate them. This means that more people can get jobs in these newly established hotels.

  3. Tourism also has a large impact on the overall economy of a country. In case, the tourism industry of a particular country goes down; the country may suffer huge losses.

From the above discussion, it is clear that tourism has an important role to play. It contributes to the generation of revenue, which is the most important thing for a country. Therefore, countries should work towards the development of the tourism industry in their land.


Mille Litvin

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