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Why is psychology considered a social science?

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Aaron S Lopez

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There has been a massive confusion between a fact of whether Psychology is a branch of Humanities or Science. After undergoing various researches and studies, the actual definition of Psychology was detected. Psychology deals with the science and mechanisms of studying the human mind, characteristics, and behavior through which his mental status can be identified. The reason here is to find a balance within the human mind and though so that he can easily collaborate and socialize in the real environment.

On the whole, Psychology is dealt with scientific studies which combine thoroughly into the social environment. Unlike other branches of Science like Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics, this field of Science is not fueled with measurements, quantity or numbers. The entities and subject matter of Psychology is entirely abstract and subjective. Thus, Psychology is regarded as an active subject of social science. 

There are many reasons for which Psychology is considered as a social science:

1. Being a part of Science, Psychology studies the development and growth of a human mind and its various stages. The core subject matters of Psychology deals with human behavior, personality, attitude, memory, mind, social and cognitive development, etc. All these entities are highly related to the presence of a human being in the social world. For, e.g., the behavior, personality or attitude of a human being reflects a lot on his social surroundings. Thus, Psychology is a social science.

2. Though many areas of Psychology and the way of studying the subject has many things in common like other branches of pure Science, in the end, most of the entities of Psychology are defined through prediction. On the other hand, various subject matters of humanities are also identified through researches and predictions. Thus, Psychology is not pure Science but a branch of social science.

3. Psychology has a lot to deal with social cognition. The way people think, learn, perceive and behave is directly influenced by the social environment. In the same way, human behavior also affects social surroundings. This is an excellent reason for which Psychology is considered as social science.

4. Psychology provides a great scope to conduct various researches and studies just like other subject matters of humanities. These researches and reviews can be divided into facts, observations, logic, conclusion, and hypothesis. Those reviews can be used for further developmental studies of psychology.


Gary Stokley

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Very comprehensive answer, thank you! For me, the main thing I can say is that psychology is an important science for society and each individual. I study psychology more for myself, to better understand my problems. I recently encountered mental exhaustion and this is a rather difficult condition. I have studied more information here. And although I know a little about psychology, it didn't help me to avoid this condition.

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