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Why is privacy important?


Ajeet Suresh

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Privacy is simply a state of being not bothered and left alone or not being disturbed by other people. In simple words, it is a state of living free from the bothersome activities of the public. It differs from person to person. For someone, the meaning of privacy may be limited to himself or his belongings only, while for others, it may include his loved ones and his professional life too.

Every human being demands privacy. A child may want privacy for his toys, while a teenager to his social activities. A working man may want his privacy regarding his salary while a woman wants privacy regarding her age.

Privacy is a right. Therefore, the constitution of most countries contains a legal provision for the maintenance of one’s privacy. Violation of one’s privacy is considered a legal crime and there are severe punishments laid down in the law. Privacy is an important aspect of a person’s life as we all have the right to live our life as per our desire.

Following points that highlight the importance of privacy:

1.    Limit to power:  Choosing what to be kept as private and what not to be. Opening up all yourself without any limitation may affect you adversely. Privacy should be your priority and think twice before you end up opening yourself online.

2.    Secrecy of affairs: A company or any other business organization requires privacy in its business matters so that its rivals could not predict the next step of the former. Privacy in a business is a must than a priority.

3.    Reputation: There may be certain things or conversations that you think if made viral can degrade your image in public. You may choose to keep them private with you to save your reputation.

4.    Control over one’s life: If one’s life is public, then anyone could easily use his personal information to get some illegal work done.

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