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Why is nutrition important?

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Swetha Johra

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Your choice of food is what affects your health. It is quite simple when you eat healthily; you stay healthy. People who do not follow a healthy diet plan are mostly suffering from one problem or the other. Maintaining a healthy diet containing all the nutrition is extremely important for your health in the future. If you don’t take it seriously, it may lead to severe consequences later on.

What does nutrition do to your body?

You must have read it in your textbooks that proper nutrition for your body is very important. But do you know why it is important, or how does it affect your physical wellness?

Nutrition is important for our bodies for a lot of reasons. It includes:

  1. It has an overall impact on our health. In other words, consuming proper nutrients can help you stay fit and healthy.
  2. Our body needs nutrients to function properly. Not just that, but it is also important for our survival.
  3. According to science, human bodies need seven major nutrients. Each of these nutrients is known to contribute to your wellness differently. The main nutrients you should take include minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
  4. Nutrition also protects your body from falling ill. If you follow a balanced healthy diet, you are less likely to fall sick or contract diseases.

It is because of all these reasons nutrients are vital for our bodies. Nutrients are important for child development. However, the number of nutrients required may vary depending on age.

If you wish to keep yourself healthy, fit, and fine, you should follow a healthy diet with all the proper nutrients. This applies to both adults and kids.

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Jennifer Brown

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Nutrients are very important as they help in the development of the body and fitness in people. The way we work and function depends largely on the nutrient that we take in. This is why the right nutrients are very important in the body. We have often heard people talking about the important of having an balanced diet. With all the nutrients that they provide to us, it helps us live healthy and function well. But in this hectic life it can be very hard for us to take out time to eat well. In such cases it can affect the energy level of the person along with affecting the brain activity in them. So, it is advisable for a person to take supplements such as Artvigil dosage. It is seen to help people get better energy and cognition by acting on the hypothalamus region of the brain. Along with the use of Artvigil the other nutrients that one need are-

  • iron
  • Zinc 
  • vitamins B, D, C,E
  • a number of macronutrients
  • carbohydrates 
  • good fats 

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