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Why is leadership important in the workplace?


Rochan Chand

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Leadership is considered the best skill when it comes to the workplace. A person who has excellent leadership skills, achieve the success ladder much faster than other employees. When someone is provided with the responsibilities of administration, management or supervision, it is highly recommended that the concerned person should have excellent leadership skills to take the whole responsibility. Here are some points on why leadership is so important in the workplace.

1. It is a good leader who can take the company to the highest ladder of success by making the proper decision at the right time. Situations may not remain the same all the time, and there may be times when someone needs to take the appropriate decision for the urgent or emergency. A good leader can take all the situations into concern and find out the best way to cope up with it so that it does not hamper the employees as well the reputation of the company.

2. Leadership skill is important in a workplace because it helps to recognize and select the perfect talent or candidate for the exact role required for the company. Even during the time of appraisals or rewards, a leader can nominate for the best achiever's name or go through the performance overview report. 

3. The best part of leadership is the ability to listen to all the employees and co-workers and then take the proper decision. A person who makes the decision by own without looking to or understanding the other employees is not considered as a leader. It is natural that you cannot go with the decision made by all, but you should always follow the majority. Here lies the importance of leadership.

4. A leader when it comes to the workplace never restrains himself from learning new skills. He/she is always eager and has an urge to learn new skills and knowledge for more and more personal as well as business development.

5. Leadership skill also includes the ability to communicate and coordinate among all the employees of the department. He always tries to maintain a healthy relationship among all and keeps on conducting meetings, group discussions, relaxation sessions so that everybody can communicate and understand each other. An improved collaboration in the workplace improves the productivity of the company. 

6. It is not a boss, but a leader who is the source of inspiration and confidence among all the employees of the company. A boss is the one who pushes his/her employees to perform certain activities within a firm deadline. But, a leader always operates by his/her own first and creates an example of inspiration and motivation which lets other employees perform the same activities with high energy.

7. A person who has the leadership skill is full of energy and an innovative mind. He/she is the one who keeps on finding new ideas which are always advanced and progressive for the upliftment of the company instead of relying on the so-called ongoing age-old practices. 

So these are the main factors to be a  good leader in the workplace. 

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