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Why is it important for environmental policy to address pollution concerns?

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Chand Shere

Trust yourself

Environmental policy can be defined as the commitment which is given by the government and any organization to the Institute of laws, regulations, as well as other mechanisms policy concerning issues related to the environment. A question may come to your mind as to why environmental policy needs to address the pollution concerns. Well, there are various reasons for the same. Firstly pollution can cause a negative impact on the health of humans and it can be damaging to the environment. Pollution can even cause a reduction in the volume of natural usable resources. Because of all these reasons, it is important for environmental policy to address pollution concerns.

If we need to explain the concept of environmental policy in simple words then we can say that it is a written statement, which is in general signed by the senior management.  This statement basically outlines the aims of business' as well as principles which are in relation to the management of environmental effects as well as the aspects of the operations. The fact is that putting such policy in place is not at all compulsory but voluntary. There is an increase in the number of businesses which are considering the same to do. The advantages of such policy are:

•    It supports the business to remain within the said law.

•    Supports in improvising information for the employees regarding environmental roles as well as responsibilities.

•    Supports in making cost control.

•    Lowering down the number of incidents which are causing liability.

•    Helps in the conservation of raw materials as well as energy.

•    Improves in the monitoring of environmental impacts.

•    Supports in improving the process efficiency.

After going through the meaning and benefits of this policy we are sure that you got an idea as to why is it so important to address pollution concerns.


Ankida Balamurali

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Pollution comes in many forms, and it is one of the biggest problems that we are facing these days. The issue of pollution needs to be tackled at a global level as it is a severe and growing problem all over the world. 

Pollution is harmful to the environment as well as human health. It is deteriorating the quality of our lives as it triggers severe health issues including lung diseases, respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, and also increases the risk of lung cancer. 

What is Environmental Policy?

Before talking about why it is important to address pollution concerns. Let us understand what is environmental policy and what are the goals of environmental policy. An environmental policy is a written statement of an organization or government which outlines the laws, regulations, and other policies related to the environment. 

Goals of Environment Policy

The environment policy focuses on all those issues which are affecting our environment. 

  • These policies are aimed at protecting natural resources and the environment. The environment procedures are not limited to air or water pollution. They cover all such issues which are directly or indirectly affecting the environment. 
  • It aims to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on the ecosystem and the environment.
  • It ensures that man-made changes are not causing any harm to society or the life of the animals. If it is causing any damage to the growth of humans and animal species in any way, specific action would be taken to prevent that.
  • The primary goal of environmental policy is to protect natural systems. 
  • Environment policy aims to promote human welfare.

Pollution has always remained one of the hot topics, and issues like pollution should not be ignored. It is a serious concern for everyone across the globe. 

It is important to have laws and legal protection policies that address pollution concerns as humans are the only species living on this planet and we are responsible for all sorts of pollution.  Instead of destroying our planet, it is better to have specific policies that can help in dealing with these environmental problems. The regulation of ecological systems will assist in limiting the use of resources and reducing pollution. Implementing environment policy will protect the environment which is also an excellent thing for the economy. Therefore, it is important to address pollution concerns at each level possible. 

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