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Why is integrity important in the workplace?

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Daryl Christ

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Integrity in the workplace is one of the most important qualities that the recruiters seek in the employees they hire. Integrity is the foundation of trust and confidence. Integrity involves honesty and moral and ethical principles. Integrity is one of the fundamental values which are crucial for all the employees. It is important at all levels and as an individual as well. Being honest and having integrity will help you in building a better relationship with your coworkers. 

It is very important that you follow ethical standards and moral values in your workplace. People with integrity are considered trustworthy. All successful businesses are built on relationships. And qualities such as honesty, integrity, and trust are fundamentals which help maintain the relationships. In the absence of integrity and honesty, the relationship between coworkers may damage which may lead to a decline in productivity.  Therefore, these qualities are very important in the workplace for effective organizational performance.

Importance of Integrity in the Workplace
Having a high degree of integrity in the workplace means that you are: 

  1.  A person who is more trustworthy.
  2.  A person who is more reliable
  3.  A person who is more honest with his/her work.
  4.  A person whose actions are always consistent with their words.
  5.  A person with appropriate values and behavior.
  6.  A good communicator who communicates openly and honestly.
  7.  A person who admits his/her mistakes openly and doesn’t hides it.

Having integrity is also one of the most important traits of professionalism. It is important as it promotes a successful work environment. The negative and inappropriate behavior can lead to an uncomfortable work environment which can actually slow down the functioning of the organization. If you are a person with integrity, you’ll easily develop a relationship with your coworkers and gain trust and respect from all of them. Having ethical standards will also help you achieve your professional goals.

Having integrity also helps businesses to develop and succeed in the business world. For example, we always buy stuff from the brands that have higher integrity and whose employees are known for their honesty and good moral values. We will avoid dealing with any brand whose employees offer poor customer service and often cheats on their customers. Therefore, we can say that having integrity is important at the organizational level too as it helps the organizations and the business firms in performing better. 

Improve integrity within yourself and become a better employee. 


Juhi Kumar

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Integrity has a great role when you are in your workplace. Any organization runs smooth and achieve success where there are employees with a great sense of integrity. Integrity refers to firmness in beliefs and moral principles as well as honesty. Every person is taught with the sense of integrity from the very childhood so that people can develop personal integrity within their mind. However, personal integrity somewhat differs from the mode of integrity which is followed in the workplace. When it comes to the workplace, any employee is expected with certain skills like good communication, sense of humor, honesty, finding out proper solutions, maintaining a good and professional relationship, etc.

Here there are a few reasons why integrity is so important in the workplace:

- There are lots of people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds who work together in the workplace. It is the sense of integrity, which makes them combined into unity and develop healthy communication. Employees should have a frank and open mind to communicate among themselves.

- Trust is the most important factor when it comes to the workplace. Employees are required to be reliable and honest in every aspect of their duties and responsibilities. 

- Words play a great role in your mode of action. An employee with a good sense of integrity will always speak out with those words which are essential and beneficial for the organization. Moreover, he/she will also remain consistent and prove his/her words through the actions.

- Though there are combined set of rules in an organization itself which are required to be followed strictly yet, an employee should always have his/her principles, values, and beliefs so that during any situations of crisis he/she can use their own mind to get over that and save the organization. 

- Employee behavior and politeness speak a lot through the sense of integrity, whether it is with the management body or with colleagues or with any junior or Group D staff of the organization.


Shubhanshu Singh Verified

Let us together make this world a better place

Let me get this straight and short,

Integrity is a metaphor for "Honesty" and "Team Work". So to keep things running at a better pace you need both of these qualities.

If a workplace has loads of people but no integrity it will surely cost in the long term because different tasks required different skill-sets and different people to get the job done.

Suppose you got a task in which you don't hold expertise then you need someone to work with you and get the job done.

IN SHORT                                   "INTEGRITY IS ALL ABOUT HELPING OTHERS"

Thank you

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