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Why is humanities important?


Jasmin Khan

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Humanities is a branch of a research study that deals with the study of various aspects of human society and culture which includes philosophy, literature, and history. 

Humanities is the combination of several other subjects which are: 

  • English

  • History

  • Geography

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Fashion Studies

  • Hindi/Sanskrit

Humanities is a vital field of study. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • The world is comprised of people belonging to a diverse range of culture and tradition. Humanities help us to understand others by studying their languages, histories, and cultures in a more detailed way. This, in turn, promotes a sense of oneness which helps us to deliver equality and social justice.

  • Humanities help in installing a sense of empathy in the minds of the people. This helps in the development of critically thinking citizens and also promotes an understanding of democracy in the nation.

  • Humanities help in the development of the logical center of our minds by which we can analyze any given problem having any complexity or imperfect information. 

  • Humanities urge us to analyze any given evidence in a much more cynical way, by taking into consideration all aspects of the given question.

  • Humanities help in the development of the reading and writing skills of the students.

  • History: History is a part of the Humanities. It is probably the most important subject to study. All the other issues are directly or indirectly associated with history because the scientific observations made by famous scientists are nothing but documents of history. With proper knowledge in history, we can understand the changes that took place in our society and paves a path for better human understanding.

  • Geography: This field involves the research analysis of all types of phenomenon, regions, earth sciences, etc. Geography also focuses on important issues like migration, climate changes, the degradation of our environment and social cohesion. This field of study helps us to understand our earth in a better way.

  • Political Science:  Political science is a part of Humanities that contains relative information about the system of governance, political activities, political thoughts, and behavior. By studying Political Science people will get knowledge about the representatives of political power such as politicians, international organizations, authorities, etc. Moreover, It imparts knowledge of the state to its citizens and also gives democratic values among the people.

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