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Why is employment law important?


Aditi Chandrasekhar

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Employment law is a broad concept that covers the rules and regulations that are to be followed by both the employees and the employer. This law ensures safety as well as employee rights in the workplace. Ensuring employee privacy is also an important part of developing a perfect workplace This assures a smooth relationship between the employee and the employer. Some of the elements which the employment law covers are:

  • Discrimination of age

  • Harassment & Bullying

  • Disability

  • Discrimination on religion, race, caste, creed, and sexuality

  • Employment grievance and dismissal

  • Employee contracts

  • Equal pay

  • Minimum wage

  • Parental leave

  • Redundancy

  • Working rights

This list doesn’t end here; the employment law protects the rights of an employer in any case including the above-given list. It gives legal support for the smooth working of the business. Though these laws must be known to everyone, the Human Resource manager needs to have a clear idea about the employment law. He must ensure equality and safety in the workplace.

The rights of an employee in the workplace are right to privacy, fair compensation, and freedom from discrimination, suitable working hours. The primary purpose of employment law is to establish suitable working conditions that enable the employee an atmosphere to work with no biases.

At last, I would say that employment law is fundamental to employer and employees in every aspect so that the working can be precise with no malpractices and discrimination. In case of any failure in the rights of the employee, the intervention of the court can harm the reputation of the company or organization.

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