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Why is criminal law important?

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Laws are made to promote order and discipline in the society. Without law and order, society will only end up in a chaotic mess. Every country in this world has its own set of laws, and people are bound to follow it. However, despite having a law system, some people dare to break them, and this is when it is counted as a crime. Anything that is not right to do or is illegal is considered to be a crime in the eyes of the law. Individuals committing a crime are called criminals, and this is why criminal law exists.

Importance of criminal law

Criminal law is a crucial part of our law system. If criminals are not governed by criminal law, the number of crimes will increase. To put it in other words, criminal law has an important part to play, and it can be summed up into the following points.

1.  Maintaining order

Criminal law is known to promote predictability. It lets people know what to expect from others. A world without criminal law would be an uncertain and chaotic place. It regulates our behavior with other individuals and how companies and organizations deal with us. Anyone disobeying the law will be punished.

2. Provide justice

The main aim of criminal law is to help people get justice. It makes sure that we don’t take law in our own hands. Rather it tells us to seek justice from the assigned authorities to punish the one who has harmed us.

3. Provides protection

Criminal law keeps us protected from the action of others that may harm us. People who are aware of the consequences will deter from committing the crime. However, some people tend to cross the line, and this is where the law punishes them.

4.  Resolving disputes

Criminal law makes it possible to solve fights and disputes between two individuals or groups. It seeks to promote peace and order between the two parties.

5. Promotes smooth functioning of society

The existence of criminal law gives us a kind of sense of security. This, as a result, allows society to function smoothly.

In simple terms, the world cannot exist without law and order. Laws are implemented to control society and also to promote a peaceful environment between everyone. Not just that, but it protects our rights as well.


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