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Why is chemistry important?


Sanketika Munish

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Chemistry is a branch of science where one can study the composition of matter and substances and how the properties of those matters can be utilized to interact, combined and converted to the various new formation of substances. Chemistry has its importance not only within the laboratories and factories or industries. If we look properly, our day to day lifestyle deals with chemistry.  It is a significant field of Science. Let’s have a look at how!

1. Ecosystem
Though the ecosystem is a biological term, yet the process and cycle followed in the ecosystem are entirely fueled with chemistry. The base of the ecosystem is the plants that highly use the chemical photons and components of the Sunlight, Water, Carbon dioxide and soil nutrients to form chemical glucose in their leaves (chlorophyll). If there are no plants, the whole ecosystem will get disturbed. 

2. Daily Human Lifestyle

  •  Just consider your regular lifestyle from the time you wake up till the time you get to bed. Is there anything that is not comprised of chemistry? Your toothpaste, soaps, perfumes, shaving creams, lipsticks, nail polish, beauty products, cosmetics, handwash, sanitizers, etc. everything is made with chemicals.
  •  Foods that you eat is also not devoid of chemicals or chemical processing. Nowadays, most of the meals are readymade or easy to cook. The process in which they are preserved and packed highly depends on the chemical procedures. Even the time while you are preparing, you need to know well how the spices and raw food materials should be carefully bound to form a taste. For every packaged food you purchase contains a date of expiry and manufacturing. These are strongly determined through the application of chemistry in the labs and the industries.
  •  The disinfectants, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, air purifiers, mosquito baits or liquidators, etc., whatever you need to make your house clean and hygienic is comprised of chemicals. 

3. Human Health
Chemistry has a lot of impact on the health and body of human beings. The most significant role of chemistry lies in its application to create new medicines, pain killers, balms, medical devices and a lot of chemical procedures to test or examine the human body or pathogens of the human body like blood, urine, stool, spits, etc. 

4. Environment
The various environmental changes like the change of seasons, the blow of wind, rainfall, the growth of the trees, budding of flowers, etc., all are the outcomes of chemical changes. 

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