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Why is career development important?


Aaron S Lopez

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Career development is a series of activities that help in developing the skills required to be successful in one's profession.

These activities include training programs, providing higher roles in organizations,  increased responsibilities, etc.

Career Development is opted to achieve the goals of a person. According to the person's interests and already possess skills, new forms of training aligned with the person's goals and skills are given to achieve the desired results.

Career Development can opt while you are a student or you are already working in some organization. In this post, we will discuss why is career development important for a student or an employee.

Why is career development important for a student?

In today's competitive world, selecting the right career is important for a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle. In most cases, when we are young, and about to finish your schooling, we are confused about which career to opt for. This transition point is very important, as the decision you take from here will decide your future.

But without having proper knowledge about job roles and the in-demand skills required in the market, making career decisions becomes an inevitable task. The majority of students make a mistake here. They go with the trend and finally when it's time to start their career, then they realize that they do not fit into the job role.

Therefore, when you are a student, career development helps you to make key decisions that are important for both your career and future studies. Career Development during your student phases improves your decision making capability, helps you to understand which job will suit you more and where your interests lie. 

Why is career development important for an employee?

Just like students, employees also need career development to achieve success. If you have a blueprint or a plan in front of you, then it becomes very easy for you to achieve your goals.

Career Development helps you to acquire new skills that will enhance your job role. Also, these types of programs improve your decision making capability, and you have a better understanding of where you were lacking and what are your weaknesses. Accordingly, you can work on your flaws and improve the areas you were lagging.

Career development is also important for organizations as well. It helps to keep the employees motivated and give an outline to the company on which skill or area they should invest.

To wrap it up, career development is important for both employees and students. Having the perfect career will not only provide you with an easy lifestyle, but it will also boost your morale and self-confidence.

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