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Why education is important?


Hema Sheshadri

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Education is the key to success. Education is not just about reading a few books and mugging up facts and writing them down. Education has a higher meaning.

The primary goal of education is to gain knowledge. Only through education, a child can be taught the lessons of life, which will help in shaping the future and personality of that child.

Let us highlight the importance of education in detail.

  1. Education helps in constructing the foundation upon which a child’s future rests.
    The foundation is a combination of several components like morals, ethics, goodwill, etc, all of which can be imparted to a child only through education. The values of life cannot be imparted through some books. The family plays a very essential role in imparting the education of life to the newer generation.
    Education is like a bridge that connects the older generation with the future generation and the exchange of values and ideas takes place. Values like mutual respect and understanding, punctuality, honesty, etc are imparted to the child through education by the members of the family.
    Education is like a tool, which guides the child to lead his/her life without being dependent on others.
  2. Shaping the educational career
    Without education, one cannot shape their career. We all have some dreams. Education is the tool using which we can transform all our dreams into reality. One can get a good-paying job with lots of opportunities, only through proper education. Thus education becomes an essential component in professional life too.
  3. For promoting equality
    Caste, creed, skin color, gender, religion, etc are some of the social barriers which play an important role in discrimination. Education serves as the common platform, which helps us to overcome all the social barriers and promote a feeling of unity and brotherhood.
    Education helps us to overcome all the narrow-mindedness that we have, helping us to view the world with an open mind.
  4. Wisdom
    Wisdom cannot be gained from any textbooks via the internet.  One can attain wisdom only with the power of knowledge, gained through proper education.
  5. For a perfect society
    Education is important for building a perfect society, where all the members actively contribute to the welfare of his/her community and the nation.

We are all trapped within a dark room which is locked. Education is that key that gives us freedom from that dark room and helps us in enlightening our minds.

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