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Why eating healthy is hard?


Trishala Subash

Grow and Evolve

While one starts with a healthy routine, he becomes solely conscious of his diets. Having a clear idea of the calories and getting a proper diet plan is not a difficult task. But, what makes it difficult is the constant routine to stick to your healthy dieting. Let’s see why eating healthy is hard?

1. As you start to think about dieting, you pay most of the attention on the results of your dieting and go on expecting such a figure which is unrealistic. By doing so, if you fail to get your expected result you get demotivated and tend to stop your diet plans.

2. Healthy foods contain more of fibers, fruits and veggies which may not be much tasty as the fast foods. Your cravings for your hunger are getting solved by healthy eating, but what about your taste buds? You may not resist yourself from having with your fast foods.

3. Growing stress and pressure makes it difficult for you to continue with your healthy eating.

4.Constant work pressure and a shortage of time compel you to have quick bites in a short time which are not all healthy.

5. It is not easy for you to carry healthy foods from home all the time. So, if you spend a day out, chances of breaking your diet is more.

6. You may become quite careless to drink plenty of water over the whole day and finally suffer from dehydration which is a great cause for overweight.

7. Healthy eating is much costlier than fast foods available in the market. Nowadays there are a lot of options to get fast foods at high discounts which are not available in case of healthy foods.

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