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Why do you love mathematics?

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Sanketika Munish

Just going with the flow

Almost 90% of the students around the globe have a fear of Mathematics. 

Mathematics is surely a tricky subject involving the use of several nerve-wracking formulas and theorems but if done in proper manner mathematics can be an easy and interesting subject.

I prefer mathematics mainly because it helps me in concentrating.

But there are many other reasons for my love of mathematics. Let us discuss it in detail.

  • Maths is fertilizer for the brain

Students who perform mathematics on a daily basis tend to possess a higher amount of grey matter in their brains when compared to students who do not practice mathematics regularly.

The more problems the students are exposed to, the sharper their brain becomes.

  • Mathematics improves the analytical power of our brain

    Solving different types of mathematics problems tends to increase and sharpen our analytical power.

In mathematics, we collect different data, analyze the collected data and then perform various operations on the data to establish symmetry among the data collected.

This process helps us to solve our daily problems in a much more analytical way.

With the concept of mathematics, we can draw logical conclusions to problems of different kinds.

  • Mathematics helps in increasing attention/concentration power

To solve mathematics, one must have full attention/concentration in it to avoid the chances of errors.

Students who solve mathematics problems on a regular basis shows higher attention/concentration power than the students who do not perform mathematics regularly.

Increased levels of attention/concentration help us to express and validate our ideas precisely which in turn makes it easier for people to understand our ideas easily.

  • Attaining Wisdom

Mathematics helps a student in attaining wisdom.

The more problems they face, the better their problem-solving skills become, which in turn improves their conscious level, thus ultimately promoting wisdom.

  • Mathematics improves our response time

Solving mathematics on a regular basis improves our brain neural activities, increasing the communicating power of the neurons, which in turn quickens the response time of our brain.

  • Mathematics helps us to manage our finances

Solving Mathematics on a regular basis improves our financial management skills.

Students who solve mathematics on a regular basis are less likely to fall into debt in later stages of their life when compared to students who do not perform mathematics regularly.

Mathematics is vital as it the key to success. With mathematics, you can attain inner peace and boost your concentration and confidence considerably.

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Grady Harris

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Thank you for your cool insights.


Virginia Walker

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I absolutely agree with you. I love teaching mathematics because it allows you to think logically and studying it, in general, is quite interesting, especially at university. If I have any difficulties with math problems, I always go to the website where I can find professional help in solving problematic math problems.

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