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Why do some media reports about scientific discoveries end up being exaggerations?

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Jasmin Khan

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Media is supposed to feed us with unbiased news on what is going around us and in the world. However, the media companies often tend to forget to this as they have the habit of exaggerating every piece of news. Even reports on the latest scientific discoveries are not spared. There are many instances where media have released exaggerated reports on scientific developments. Not just that, but at times they even release fake news as well. This not only leads to confusion but people also get wrong news.

Why does media exaggerate reports of scientific discoveries?

Media is all about publicity. The more interesting news they provide to the audience, the better it is for them. They tend to apply this same logic everywhere. What we mean is that they don’t differentiate between two reports based on its importance. For them, it’s all about fetching the public with exciting news and reports. This is a kind of promotional tactics followed by different media houses. For example, if you can provide interesting news to the audience, they will pay more attention to you than your competitors. This will help you gain more audience.

Another reason could be that the journalists writing the piece of news don’t have exact knowledge about the matter. Many of the journalists write whatever information they could collect from various sources. Thus, they tend to exaggerate the news to make it more appealing to read for the public.

What happens when the news is exaggerated?

This habit of publishing exaggerated news tends to create a lot of problems. The audience who relies on the news is fed with the wrong information. Sometimes this may lead to a lot of controversies as well. We often get to see media controversies over various issues. Why does it happen? It’s all because of exaggeration. This is not only related to scientific discoveries but any other type of news you talk about. Sometimes media also publishes wrong information. For example, there are times when they published the wrong scientific findings. This may happen due to lack of information.

There is no denying that the media has the habit of exaggerating every piece of news they get. They are not bothered by the consequences that may take place because of their habit. They are more focussed on getting publicity and promote their brand.


Jeffrey Fernandez

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No matter what news you talk about media tends to exaggerate everything. This leads to a lot of controversies after the news is published in public. However, news for entertainment is still understandable, but have you ever wondered why do they exaggerate scientific discoveries?

Why do media exaggerate scientific discoveries?

There could be plenty of reasons behind this. It can either be a genuine mistake or done purposely. However, most of the times, it is done on purpose, and that is to get more publicity from the audience. For example, if a channel can publish something more important than other channels, they earn more TRPs. This is one of the main factors why media exaggerates every piece of news in the first place.

Other than publicity, there could be one more reason, and that is lack of information. Let’s say there is a new scientific report published by scientists. Every channel and media house will try to cover it. Now there are times when the reporter or journalist doesn’t have the complete knowledge about the stuff, but they still write news on it. Thus, they end writing rubbish or an exaggerated version of the story. It may also happen that the reporter couldn’t understand the crux of the research because of which he ends up writing the wrong information. This can confuse the general public who are reading or watching the news. The sometimes different channel has different things to say about a particular matter.

Providing exaggerated or wrong scientific information can create a lot of problems. Most importantly, it can lead to a lot of controversies as well. Therefore, the media needs to be more careful and deal with these type of sensitive matter with more care.

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