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Why do e-commerce companies prefer their app (mobile) use over the web?


Ajay Bhai Brar

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When it comes to online shopping, almost every company have their official site as well as their app. But have you ever noticed that we always prefer to use the app over the website? Even the company itself encourages us to use its mobile app more than their site. But why? Let’s find out the reason.

Why do e-commerce companies prefer a mobile app?

There are many reasons for this strange behavior. The main reasons include.

  1. To increase adoption of the mobile app by consumers
    Since the time smartphones have come into existence, the use of mobile apps has increased tremendously. The main aim of the e-commerce sites to promote their mobile app is to boost the adoption rate of mobile apps by consumers. Also, mobile apps are much more convenient to use
  2. Brands achieve more conversion rate through apps
    Another important reason is that brands can get a higher conversion rate through mobile apps. Therefore, they encourage customers to use the mobile app more than their website. According to statistics, mobile apps lead to 3x more conversion in comparison to websites.

  3. Apps are useful in retaining customer loyalty
    Mobile apps are also useful in retaining customer’s loyalty. When you encourage your customers to use your mobile app, you no longer have to convince them to visit your store. They can open the app and start their shopping. This proves to be beneficial for both parties.

So these are the main reasons why every online shopping site encourages you to use their mobile app more than their website. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot use their website at all. But it is more convenient to use the app.

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