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Why do brands use celebrity endosement?


Riya Kapoor

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Just count the number of times you have purchased a particular product because the commercial featured your favorite actor/actress and they love that particular product. Celebrity endorsement is the same concept. It is nothing but a type of marketing strategy or an advertising campaign in which the brand uses a famous person or a celebrity to sell their products and services. We all idolize different celebrities. And when we see our idols endorsing a particular brand and promoting their product, as an audience we get influenced and get prompted to buy that particular product. It is effectively used by the brands to increase their sales and build their brand images. 

Why do celebrity endorsements work?

  1. People want to look like their favorite celebrities.
  2. People will remember their advertisement.
  3. People will believe that the product is of high quality

However, the question is that why do brands choose to go for celebrity endorsements and link their products to any particular celebrity? Are celebrity endorsements really effective? Let’s find out and talk about the benefits and the risks of the celebrity endorsements. 

Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements:

  • Builds Credibility: Celebrity endorsements are a powerful tool that can help in creating trust towards that brand. As mentioned, we all idolize different celebrities. Celebrities have a huge fan base and loyal followers who believe in them. Seeing their favorite actor/actress name attached to the brand, the consumers are assured that the brand is trustworthy and of good quality.
  • Brand Image: It can help your brand in creating a positive image. It can also help you in stepping ahead from your competitors. It will make people remember your brand. 
  • Celebrities have a brand power of their own: It is not wrong to say that celebrities have a brand power of their own. They can easily influence and persuade the general audiences to believe in that particular brand or their service.
  • Increase the sales: Celebrity’s words and recommendations make a huge difference. Just a single celebrity endorsement can increase the sales of that product. Therefore, we can say that celebrity endorsements are excellent for increasing sales.
  • Can expand your brand: It can help you reach more people and can help you expand your brand to new markets.

Risks of Celebrity Endorsements

A celebrity endorsement is a good choice, but it can hurt your brand too. Read on to know about the possible risks of celebrity endorsements.

  • Celebrities’ image change: Celebrities make mistakes and their images are subject to change. And it can also affect the image of the brands they believe in or endorse which means it can directly impact your sales.
  • Endorsements are super expensive.
  • Celebrities can overshadow: There are chances that audiences remember the celebrity and ignore the brand. And in a case when a celebrity has multiple endorsements, they might link it to some other brand.
  • Less credible if the celebrity has multiple endorsements: The audience may think that the celebrity owns multiple endorsements just for the sake of the money.

Using a celebrity for endorsement is not a bad idea. But think twice and choose wisely.

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