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Why are communication skills important?


Maria Sweedwon

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Communication, both written and verbal is the lifeline of every organization.

Workplace communication can either make or break a business prospect. Based on various surveys done on workplace communication it was found that effective communication can help in reducing 50 percent employee turnover rates. It’s essential for the manager or business leader, to make clear contact about organizational goals and necessary steps for ensuring the achievements. 

On the employee end, one needs to have an open mind to listen patiently as what the manager has to say. Increased productivity and quality performance in addition to employee loyalty, and revenue earning are some of the workplace conflicts which can be attained with excellent communication skills.

Importance of communication skill in organizations

1. Team building: Persons with good communication skill can make a good team in a company. This quality will bind the employees in an organization together, and thus a dedicated and honest squad can be made to deliver the targets set. The manager needs to have excellent communication skill to encourage the team and to understand the problems of the employees for making progressive development of the company. 

2. Power to supervise diversity: Good communication is vital especially in the case when the workforce is of diverse nature. Huge variety in nationalities genders or believes of employees on the job, and accidental offending is common to see. If the promotion and review rules of the employee aren’t clear, then the employees may get the feel of discrimination made between them. Policies should mention rewards and penalties and guidelines about dealing with employees will help in avoiding unwanted conflict.

3. Solution to all problems:  Success of a team come from incorporation, coordinated action, sharing of ideas and resoluteness. It is quite common for an organization to face certain issues among the employees or with the employer and the business. These conflicts can be resolved by maintaining good interpersonal communication. Improper communication incorporates issues which may also lead to the breakdown of the firm.

4. Interpersonal skill development: Effective skill helps in conversing with others with ease. To develop interpersonal skills is mandatory to have active communication skill. Both verbal, as well as non-verbal messages, are included in interpersonal skills. There may be different circumstances where you need to talk to employees in a different way depending on the situation. Persons having good communication skill can handle every situation with perfection be it good or wrong.

5. Improves employee loyalty:  Appreciation is something which all wants and lacking in that leads to an increase in employees leaving the job. Good communication skill will help in employee retention and establishing employee loyalty.

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