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Why am i gaining weight while dieting and exercising?


Lakshmi Atwal

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There is a wrong conception among most people that the moment they start exercising the weight should start decreasing. But, this is not how it works. Before we begin to analyze why this happens, it is essential to understand that consistency is the key to everything. Be consistent and surely you can achieve your goal. Now let us look at some things which may lead to gaining weight even when you are dieting and doing exercises:

1.    Wrong Diet

To lose weight, your body should start using more calories than you consume. Simple. Now if you eat more than you exercise, how do you think you will be able to lose your weight? Dieting does not mean skipping meals; it means eating healthy in quantities which are sufficient for your body. Do not starve yourself. A good diet, will not make you feel hungry; it will keep you full in a healthy way. So choose a diet accordingly and be regular with exercise too.

2.    Adding more muscles

There are different ways in which the body will use the entire stored fat based on the type of exercises you choose and your food intake as well. So if you are doing a lot of strength training and taking in more of proteins too, then chances are that you are building more muscles which could be the cause of your weight gain. Adding muscles to some extent is good, but make sure you are not gaining too many muscles as it can lead to other complications and health issues.

3.    Water Retention

Intake of salts in the body in any form can lead to water retention. This is a kind of vicious circle you do not want to get caught in. When you exercise you sweat and lose body salts, to compensate for that, you need to take in water and fluids. These fluids should also contain salt. Now if this salt increases in the body, to maintain the Ph balance, the body starts to retain more water within, leading to weight gain.

4.    Unhealthy Food

This is the primary reason why people gain weight even when they exercise and be on a diet. Food cravings are hard to control; people tend to give in to these cravings which can thoroughly toss off the benefits of exercises. What is more important than even exercise is to manage your food cravings and make sure you eat only healthy stuff.

5.    Medical conditions

Even after proper diet, control on food and exercise, if you are still putting on weight, it would be advisable to check with a qualified doctor. Sometimes there are certain health conditions like in the case of women - PCOS which are a high barrier to weight loss. Better to seek professional help from your dietician and trainer in this case.

Everything said and done, do not think about the numbers on the weighing scale, calories in your plate or the hours in the gym. Concentrate more on living a healthy life with a balanced food intake and an ample amount of exercise. Be happy and stress-free. Rest will automatically fall in place.

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