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Who are the unluckiest players in the history of sports?


Ander Roberto Varela

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Be it a player who made a mistake that made the team suffer, a win which happened because of a particular player or even an athlete who find it difficult to healthy to continue the sports longer, the achievements of teams, as well as players, is not always because of talent. Luck plays a very important role in shaping the story of a sportsperson. Just like lucky players, there are some unlucky players too in the pages of history with sad stories.  Here are few of those unlucky players:

  1. Luis Ronaldo:
    Brazilian bald headed fantastic player know for his extraordinary shots In the football ground failed to grab a position in the list of the greatest footballer of all time. He won all tournaments of his life but left with UEFA Champions League. One of the unluckiest players of history is Ronaldo.
  2. Monica Seles:
    Before reaching the age of 20 she won 8 grand slams and that too during the royal era of tennis queen Steffi Graf. On April 30, 1993, she got stabbed on a shoulder on the court by obsessed Steffi fan Günter Parche. She took 2 years time to return back on the court and managed to win just 1 more title and her era came to an end at the tennis court. 
  3. Greg Norman:
    This Australian golf star is lucky in many ways but on the golf course, things turned very bad for him. He kept on losing one after another tournament nonstop and ended his career with just 2 prime wins.

    Apart from above 3 other major players who made their entry in this unlucky list include: Nigel Mansell, Greg Oden, Ken Griffey Jr., Yao Ming, and many others are there to get a place in this list.

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