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Who are the top young entrepreneurs in the world?


Ishat Dugar

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The number of entrepreneurs has increased globally, and today there are a total of about 400 million entrepreneurs worldwide. A lot of young entrepreneurs has proved that age is just a number and anybody can reach heights of success at any age.

At an age when a lot of people are still confused about their plans, these young minds and millennial are earning some serious money. Continue reading if you’re serious about being an entrepreneur and find out who these top young entrepreneurs are. Let their stories guide you and be an inspiration to you.

  1. Mathew Mullenweg
    American Entrepreneur
    Age – 35 years old
    Founder of WordPress
    Net Worth - $40 Million
    Mathew Charles Matt Mullenweg is an American social media entrepreneur and a web developer as well as the founding developer of WordPress. He founded WordPress in the year 2003 along with Mike Little. WordPress is one of the leading Content Management System available in the market today. It is one of the easiest CMS in existence and is one of the most used platforms for blogging.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg
    American Technology Entrepreneur
    Age – 34 years old
    Founder of Facebook
     Net Worth - $64 Billion
    The list will be incomplete without the mention of Zuckerberg and his great invention. At the age of 20, he founded Facebook in the year 2004. Today, Facebook has grown and is one of the top social media websites in the world.
  3. Dustin Moskovitz
    American Internet Entrepreneur
    Age – 34 years old
    Co-founder of Asana
    Net Worth - $10.7 Billion
    In the year 2004, Dustin worked with Zuckerberg in the initial stages of Facebook. After leaving Facebook, he co-founds Asana in the year 2008. Asana is a project management software for business. He was also referred to as “World’s youngest self-made billionaire” in the year 2012 by Forbes.
  4. Patrick and John Collison
    Irish Entrepreneur
    Patrick Collison Age – 30 years old
    John Collison Age – 28 Years old
    Founder of Stripe
    Net Worth - $1.0 Billion
    Nine years ago in the year 2010, Collision brothers partnered and co-founded the amazing payment platform Stripe. It has grown and expanded to more than 23 countries today.
  5. David Karp
    American web developer and Entrepreneur
    Age – 32 years old
    Founder of Tumblr
    Net Worth - $200 Million
    Tumblr is one of the most popular social websites. David Karp founded this amazing microblogging website in the year 2007, and today it has grown, and it is one of the most used websites.

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