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Which type of parenting is most effective during adolescence?


Tabeed Vyas

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Parenting is the most crucial responsibility in the major part of one's life. It is both interesting as well as frustrating because being a parent you need to focus on each and every part of wellness for the sake of your children. Again, there is another issue regarding parenting. As your children gradually grow up, your parenting styles also need to be updated and modify each and every time. For example, while you become a parent for the first time, you portray a manner which is entirely different when your children grow up. It has been proven that parenting becomes most stressful and more difficult while your children are on their teenage. Teenage or adolescence is such a time when your child gradually attends puberty. They come in contact with the real world and this is the time when there is a possibility to take any such steps which can ruin their lives due to wrong decisions. 

Thus, if you want your children to follow the right path, your parenting can create a high impact on their life. There are four types of parenting styles:

1. Authoritative Parenting:

This type of parenting is full of warmth as well as firmness. Parents who follow the authoritative parenting style love and care for their children a lot and takes firm steps when it's necessary. They understand their children, their views and speak to them frankly.

2. Authoritarian Parenting: 

This style involves such parents who show less warmth and more firmness. These parents follow punitive measures when their children make mistakes.

3. Permissive Parenting: 

These parents are very much believing in a frank and open relationship with their children and never shows firmness. They shower their children with gifts as rewards and never stops them from doing anything.

4. Uninvolved Parents: 

These parents are those who don’t like to interfere or get involved in any matters of their children to follow the uninvolved parenting style. They hardly take any responsibility and mostly depend on others for their child’s growth.

         According to research studies, the authoritarian parenting style has been proved to be the best way of parenting even in the adolescence. As this is the developmental stage of the children, they need both loves, care, understanding, friendship, strictness, and discipline from their parents. If they are free to speak with their parents, they can easily cope up with the cognitive, social and biological changes of their life. With the growing advent of time, they even let their children to become independent as well as setting their limits. Children who can navigate and understand their adolescence freely can grow up to be a good human being in the future. Moreover, they can also develop a smooth relationship with their parents, and at times of danger, they can even take suggestions and advice from their parents.

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