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Which SaaS product do you use on a daily basis?


Cheryl Susan

Life is all about perspective

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software circulation model which is used by a third-party service provider to host applications and present them to customers on the internet. It is one of the three essential categories of cloud computing, where the others are Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Have a look at some of the SaaS product that you use daily.

  • Salesforce: It is the vanguard of cloud computing. The consumer relation management solution helps businesses to get all important information on clients, prospects and all leads in a single online platform, thereby allowing the employees to get access to some of the critical data on any available connected device.

  • Box: This workspace helps professionals to make easy collaboration with anyone and anywhere. Here users can easily share large files through customized URL. Important data and all documents through permission and password protection. It supports more than 120 file types and users can easily see the content before downloading. All kinds of content sharing, editing, approval, and discussion to confined to only one centralized file and users can easily get real-time notifications whenever edits are made.

  • Proof hub: It is one of the latest online project management software and collaboration tools that offer you the full control on your tasks and assist you to manage your projects in a very effective way. This tool has so many features like tracking time, group chat, task management, etc.

  • Zendesk: This is cloud-based customer service and it supports the ticketing platform that helps representatives to tackle customers request efficiently across the communication channel like email, web, and social media. Some of the important features are automatic answers, Zopim and Zendesk voice.

Apart from the above SaaS products, there are so many other products that are used in day to day lives.

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