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Which language is the future of web development?


Anshula Prabhakar

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Web development is nothing without programming languages. As you may already know, there are many types of programming language. Each of the languages has some pros and cons to offer. Not just that but the different language is used for different purposes. Since web development is on the rise, the main question is which language is going to mold the future of the industry?

Future language of web development

If you are aiming to become a web developer, you need first to find out the most popular programming language used for the purpose. This will assure you a bright career in the future. Technology is ever-changing, and therefore, the popularity of programming languages also keeps changing. Here are some of the programming languages that are expected to shape the world of web development in the future.

  1. JavaScript
    The world of a programming language is incomplete without JavaScript. In the past few years, the demand for JavaScript developers has increased tremendously. This is one of the most important language use for the development of web and mobile apps. Most of the JavaScript developers are known to use front-end development along with CSS and HTML.
  2. Java
    Java happens to be one of the most widely used programming languages. It is used in a variety of projects and therefore, the demand for the same has also increased. This popular language can also be used for the creation of mobile apps.
    Java is also taught in many of the schools. If you are planning to become a website developer in the future, make sure that you learn Java.
  3. PHP
    The next popular language is PHP, which is a very powerful programing language. It is used for the development of around 80% of the world websites. Thus, you can say that the development of websites cannot be imagined without learning PHP. However, you should know that this language is a bit difficult to learn. Therefore, many of the developers may be against it.
  4. Python
    This is undoubtedly one of the most well-known languages used by the developers. Many of the developers prefer Python over any other language because it is easy and fun to work with. Also, you will be able to learn it easily.

So these are the top programming languages that are going to decide the future of web development.

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