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Which is the most difficult programming language to learn and why?


Ganesh Lala

All by myself

There are different programming languages for you to learn. Some are easy, while others can give you a hard time. Speaking of difficult programming languages, have you ever come across a language that is neither readable nor understandable? If you are into coding and programming, you must have heard about esoteric programming languages. These are the most difficult programming languages of all. If you are planning to learn an esoteric programming language, you need to pay attention here.

Hardest programming languages:

Here is the list of the hardest programming languages:

    Created by James Lyon and Don Woods, this is one of the most difficult programming languages to learn. You can go crazy trying to learn the programming language. But the funny thing about this language that it was supposed to be user-friendly. Therefore, keywords like ignore, forget, please, and read out were included in it. But the problem starts when you don’t have enough please words in your coding. If there is a lack of please words, it will show an error message.

  2. Brainfuck
    Well, the name itself can tell you a lot about the programming language. Trying to code can mess with your brain. This particular language is more like a puzzle, and it was created by Urban Muller. The main purpose of developing this language was to have less number of coding lines. This may sound innovative, but it can make a programmer’s life as good as hell.

  3. Whitespace
    This programming language was created by Chris Moris and Edwin Brady. This is not like other languages. Most people thought it to be joking when they saw the coding procedure. But only a programmer can tell you the pain of coding this language. The language doesn’t use any keywords. Instead, it has tabs, whitespaces, and linefeeds for coding.

  4. COW
    This is probably the most difficult programming language you will ever learn. The language was developed to experiment with innovative ideas that the programmer may have in their mind. The language is based on the Turing machine, and it was always mean to be difficult. But all the instructions in the language has to be written in a moo. If you write anything else, it will be taken as a comment.

So these are four of the hardest programming languages to learn. If you can manage to learn any of these, you are good with coding.

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