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Which is the best restaurant billing software?

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Hina Sohail

Heads up in the clouds

The restaurant billing system is the need of the hour as we have umpteen number of restaurants cropping up in every nook and corner of the city. Irrespective of the size and location, a well-managed restaurant will always have people thronging to the place for a range of palate.

Taking orders and delivering it quickly without losing the taste and aroma of the food is a challenging task which most good restaurants live up to. This is where the restaurant billing system can come in handy. It can take in orders and quickly convey it to the kitchen and speed up the process. Some of the best restaurant billing software are listed below.

  • SlickPOS: SlickPOS is a restaurant billing software that is quick and simple to use. It is a cloud-based software that has earned the trust of many brands. It can be easily managed and hardly requires training to use it. It helps in real-time tracking of sales, inventory and customer metrics from anywhere.
  • POSist: POSist is one of the most accurate and prompt restaurant billing software with a smart user interface, order tracking, and secure operating tools.
  • GoFrugal restaurant POS: GoFrugal restaurant POS is a mobile app-based software used for processing invoices, applying discount codes and modifying the GST rates.  
  • JustBilling: JustBilling is a restaurant billing software that helps in reducing operational costs and increasing team productivity. It has a mobile app and allows to eliminate the errors from your system.
  • eZeeBurrP! Restaurant POS software: It's a very flexible online billing software that speeds up the billing operation and invoicing. It helps in the easy addition of gift vouchers.
  • Torqus POS: Torqus has many reliable billing software features that can streamline all your billing operations and hassle-free addition of gift vouchers and discounts.
  • AlignBooks: AlignBooks is a user-friendly billing software with easy billing, sorting, configurable reports and a mobile app for 24-hour monitoring.
  • CozyPOS: CozyPOS is an easy to use restaurant billing software having the complete kitchen display and inventory solution which can be managed remotely.
  • Point – POS for Restaurants: Point is a new age restaurant billing software with a simplified design and user interface promoting hassle-free billing. It allows us to punch-in incoming orders, print KOTs and receipts, order tracking, customer database management and generating customized reports.
  • Poster POS: Poster POS is a cloud-based restaurant billing software. It can manage your front office and back-office. Keep track of inventory, manage finances, and generate reports and CRM with a user-friendly interface.
  • FusionResto: FusionResto is a restaurant billing software that has a sturdy API that handles everything from billing to delivery without any hassles and also supports the different payment methods.

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Airtract Alexis Sarah -

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Parvez Mehta

Be productive not busy

The word "restaurant" can make almost everybody's mouth watery and extremely happy. We can easily reminisce a lot of restaurant's names. But the deal behind running restaurant is not that easy. Apart from the delicious meal, ambience, and staff, one of the most important aspects is the billing. The management of a restaurant in itself is more or less a team effort. Updating the software features is one of the best decisions that one can make in order to revolutionize restaurant management. There are so many software that is used for the billing in a restaurant. Among many others, "Torqus POS" is such a software that works amazingly to streamline all the billing options in a high-end restaurant. Even it has the feature to add the gift vouchers and discounts without any hassle. 

       It is such a software that provides maximum solution to a restaurant for each issue. It takes comprehensive care of a restaurant outlet's functionalities, starting from steward management to dynamic menu. It also helps to strategically manage the supply chain and coordinate with other business entity. Even it helps to deal with customer's queries, complaints and feedback. Now it has in-built Restaurant Loyalty and CRM Programs which effectively manages the hospitality of any restaurant.
       Torqus has such advantages that people would be privileged using it. For instance - Mobile Platform, Predictive Analytics, Demand Management, Configurable Process Flow, Effective Sales Management, it is indeed an all-in-one program. It can easily maintain the B2B as well as the B2C relationship. It has processed order more than 20 Millions/month, it enables to earn more than 150 Crore/month, it has analyzed 500k feedbacks per month, it performs so well that can be able to create partnership with 10k restaurants. This software solutions not only help you to save time but is also cost effective.


Anny Smith

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There are hundreds of restaurant billing software available in the market but when we talk about the best then i would suggest these top 10 software, You can try for your restaurant business

  1. Invoicera
  2. Horizon ERP
  3. DinePlan
  4. GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS
  5. JustBilling
  6. Poster POS
  7. FusionResto
  8. TallyPrime
  9. Torqus POS
  10. Limetray

I would suggest first take the demo of these software and then implement on your business.


Harshita Joshi

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If we look at the online reviews such as SoftwareSuggest and Goodfirms per se, there are many softwares listed in the order of preference.

Free Small Restaurants for Billing According to Goodfirms

Let’s have a look at Goodfirms, a listing of the Free Billing Software for Hotel and Restaurants.

These are some free tools recommended by Goodfirms.

According to SoftwareSuggest

And if we look at SoftwareSuggest’s listing, here it is-

  • Horizon ERP
  • DinePlan
  • JustBilling
  • PosterPOS

According to My Personal Experience

Being a FinTech consultant for a few years now and have constantly worked with various businesses, enterprises, and small businesses, I would recommend using Invoicera as the best and affordable restaurant billing software

Here are the basic features of this software:

  • Project Management Entire project management in one dashboard.
  • Invoice App for iOS Invoicing on the go.
  • Invoice App for Android Invoicing on the go.
  • Time Tracking Track and bill every hour.
  • Customization of the software- My favorite
  • Well managed dashboard
  • 30+ payment gateways

Free Plan of Invoicera: You get the free plan in this software also. It provides the ease to manage 3 clients. And the other plans are also affordable.

Other Plans of Invoicera Restaurant Business

  • Pro Plan


100 Clients

1 Staff

PDF Protection

Multi Business

  • Business Plan


1000 Clients

10 Staffs

PDF Protection

Approval Process

  • Infinite Plan


Unlimited Clients

Unlimited Staff

Batch PDF

Approval Process

You can choose any of the suggested softwares as per your requirement.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards

Airtract posmachine amplify -

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Sheetal Kamble

I like to help businesses in their search for Software

Restaurant billing software is a comprehensive solution that not only records the accounting and taxes but also looks after billing and invoices. It records and manages your general ledgers. Reports of finances in comparison to the budget; are at your fingertips. 

In the current age, everything is digital and mobile. It is crucial to choose software for restaurant order taking that automatically; links all your team from waiters to the kitchen team and the cashier. It is a boon to simplify your operations by preserving time, energy, and reduces mistakes. Restaurant billing software in India helps your business to be more flexible and minimize errors due to paperwork.  

The market size of restaurant software in India; is growing at a good pace and multiple vendors provide various features to simplify your business. We are a recommendation platform; with a reliable vendor list that you can explore, analyze, and choose. Our product analyst will understand your needs and suggest the best solution to achieve business goals.

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