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Which is the best platform to sell online courses?


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Publishing an online course can be done on any site, but publishing on the right site can give you massive exposure and traffic for your course. Let me list out a few websites which might help you.

AirTract is composed of expert educators that assist students in obtaining the right kind of schooling in the best possible manner. Airtract consists of many courses at zero cost. Also, the interface of the website is straightforward to use. You can upload a course here by just signing up. Here is a guide on how to upload a course.

It is an online learning website specialized that offers related to coding taught by leading programmers across the world in a very simple format and also in various languages.

This is one of the most well-known knowledge provider platforms that publish videos on creative topics. The website offers lessons that teach about things going across the world.

This website consists of important study material from Harvard University. Learners who are interested in the newest research papers and books should try this website out.

Thinkific is one of the sites that have all the right tools and features to create, market, and sell your online course online at an affordable fee. They also provide a free package with all their core features, which is useful and good for starters.

Khan Academy is an organization that aims to teach students about different concepts. Students can access short and interactive instructions and videos with the assistance of this platform.

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What about skillshare & Udemy?

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