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Foreign languages are highly demanding especially when you are associated with a company which deals with international trade as you need to deal with a lot of countries and languages. Though English is the primary language which is considered to be the medium of communication on the global aspect, yet, to have a massive improvement and growth for the business, it is also necessary to have strong command on other foreign languages too. There are millions of languages spoken in the world, and it is not possible for anyone to have control over them. But, if you select some particular words which are the most popular and essential for your career, then you can achieve your goals. Here is a list of such top foreign languages which are critical to learning for international business.

1. Spanish

According to the recent surveys, more than 500 million people in the world speak Spanish for which it has become a demanding language in the international business world. It is not only Spain where people are found to talking this language but also outside Spain. For the increasing demand of this language, Spanish is being taught in many institutes of various countries of the world. Even the colleges and the universities are providing degree courses in Spanish. The reason for which Spanish has such high aspects is that most of the fast-growing countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, etc. have Spanish as their primary language. 

2. Arabic

Arabic is again another top language which has high demand in the international business world and has been selected as the official language of about 28 countries of the world. This language is spoken by almost 450 million people and especially in emerging business countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, etc. If you are willing to learn a foreign language, Arabic can be one of the best choices.

3. Mandarin

This is the most spoken language in the world at present which recorded to be spoken among more than 1.3 billion people of the world. For the growing demand of Mandarin, it has been declared as the supplementary language of English, and it can be an excellent opportunity for you if you try to learn this language for the improvement of your career.

4. Portuguese

This is another language which is spoken by almost 250 million people of the world and has been widely spoken in native countries like Brazil, Portugal, and Africa. Brazil’s economic growth has proven in recent years at a high rank for which some companies are tying up with these countries. So, it can be a good idea to learn Portuguese. 

Besides this, there are other top languages like German, Russian, Japanese, French, Cantonese, etc. which are equally demanding in the field of international business.

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