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Which are the sites that a mechanical engineering student should visit regularly?


Nitika Kale

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We are living in a world where developments are taking place rapidly in every sector of the industry. Resulting, it becomes very important to keep pace with all the changing trends to keep ourselves updated.

The websites help us to keep track of all the changes, not just on a regional basis but also on a global basis.

Let us now talk about a few of the essential websites that a mechanical engineering student need to visit regularly.

  • EngLinks
    This is one of the known websites among mechanical engineers, which features a lot of engineering tools like calculators, graphs, metric charts, etc.
    The website also features several industry related magazines which the students can access to get insights about the changing trends and developments in the industry.
    Official Website: 

  • Engineering Central
    Engineering Central is one of the best websites for searching for jobs associated with all the different engineering fields.
    The database is loaded with tonnes of different jobs, which are categorized properly, which makes it easier for the students to look-up for a particular job easily.
    Official Website: 

  • ThomasNet
    ThomasNet is another excellent website, especially for the manufacturers and the buyers.
    The website features tonnes of CAD models and actual components, which the mechanical engineers opt for their project works.
    Official Website: 

  • ASME.Org
    ASME means American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
    The website features a lot of the latest trends and skills required in the industry, which helps in the development of proper critical skills. Seminars, conferences, publications are done regularly, which gives proper insights about the industry, which helps the students to keep track of the latest developments and trends.
    Official Link:  

  • MatWeb
    MatWeb features a database loaded with research data about almost all the materials available on earth like nylon, metals, polycarbonate, etc. The students can use the data for their project work.
    Moreover, MatWeb also provides services like Web Designing, Web Advertisements, datasheet creation, and management, etc.
    Official Link: 

  • eFunda
    eFunda is the one-stop destination for all types of references like mathematical formulas, different data sheets, explanations to different engineering problems, etc.
    The contents are updated regularly to ensure that the quality of the articles is maintained.
    Official Website: 

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