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Which are the fastest growing careers?


Manish Agarwal

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Decisions related to one’s career are the most vital of all decisions, as they act as the foundations upon which the child’s future will rest.

In this era of the internet, everything is changing rapidly. 

Let us discuss some of the fastest growing careers in recent times

  • Data Scientist
    Data Scientists are professionals who are involved in performing various analytical operations. Analytical Operations involves massive data collection and its interpretation which they can use to chalk out different solutions to all sorts of business problems, helping people in business to widen their business infrastructure for higher productivity and sales.
    Job Responsibilities: The prime responsibility of a data scientist involves gathering extensive data and then analyze the same using different analytical tools to find similar patterns to predict the customer’s behavior and to detect any opportunities and to eliminate potential business risks.

  • Software Developers
    Software professionals specialize in the development process of all types of software applications.
    Job Responsibilities: Software Developers are responsible for conducting various research-based operations, development and debugging of software applications.

Software developer paves the way to several other fields of work such as:

  • Coders: Coders or computer programmers specializes in the development, modification, and testing of the source code, based on which several applications are developed. They are the ones who are associated with framing the core logic for any application.

  • Senior Software Developer: Professionals who are responsible for testing and documenting software for the various server application. 

  • Network Analyst: They are the software developers who are responsible for monitoring and maintenance of computer systems and the connected networks.

  • Database Administrator: They are the software developers who specialize in system optimization for better performance.

  • Quality assurance Engineer: Computer Professionals who prepares the monthly reports on quality assurance.

  • IoT Specialists: IoT Specialists are the professionals who focus on monitoring and maintaining the system of devices connected over the internet for data exchange.
    Job Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of IoT professionals involves the implementation, regulation, and maintenance of different IT systems. 

Other roles of IoT experts involve network analysis, system administration, IT audits, maintenance of security and information assurance and as well as database & web administration.  

Few other emerging careers are:

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Sales Recruiter

  • Customer Support Manager

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