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Which are the best thriller movies of all time?


Meghana Chauhan

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Whenever you are feeling low or want to take some time off from your daily schedule, watching a movie provides with a brilliant recreation. Every year several films are made in different genres to satisfy the distinct taste of the people and entertain them to the fullest. Is thriller movies your favorite genre?

Well, we won't be surprised if they are, because of the exciting climax, intriguing suspense which these movies carry. They are one of the best genres to explore if you want a movie treat. Here are the best thriller movies of all time that you can watch.

  • The silence of The Lambs - one of the classic thrillers that have stood the test of time and continues to be one of the greatest thriller movies ever made. The silence of the Lambs is psychopath thriller which revolves around the killer Hannibal Lecter and a female cop who does everything possible to catch the killer out in the open.

  • Se7en - released in the year of 1995, David Fincher’s one of the best movies ever shows two cops played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt who are investigating the case of gruesome murders. These crimes are symbolic of the seven sins - wrath, sloth, greed, pride, lust, gluttony, envy. With an unexpected twist and excellent background score, Se7en will surely be a treat for you.

  • Memento - if you want to enjoy a movie which has all the elements of thrill and excitement, then what can be better than Memento? One of Christopher Nolan’s earliest releases, Memento is filled with confusing flashbacks and events of short-term memory loss of Leonard who is trying to track his wife's rapist and intent to kill him. Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the movie with its exciting twists and unexpected turn of events.

  • Black Swan - this Oscar-winning movie is one of the best of the year of 2010 and most of the credit goes to Darren Affronsky’s excellent direction and also Natalie Portman’s groundbreaking acting skills. Black Swan is a psychological thriller that deals with the rivalry and twisted friendship between two Ballet dancers. Black Swan explores the dark side and nightmares of the human mind with a simple but exceptional ending.

So here are some of the best thriller movies that you can watch this weekend and make your day more exhilarating!

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