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Which are the best pregnancy blogs for parents-to-be?


Catherine Gleron

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Pregnancy blogs are the best source to gather necessary information for a pregnant woman or a mother to be. 

For the couple who are planning to start a family, it is necessary to have a clear concept regarding the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. Lots of care and protection are required to be taken by the lady and the doctors might not be able to make one understand all the relevant matters about pregnancy which dedicated blogs can. It is advisable for the pregnant couple to go through the advice and suggestions shared in the blogs or app blogs by experienced people. Women’s reproductive process is definitely a complicated one and it’s important to keep strict track of things for the smooth and healthy delivery of the baby.

Popular pregnancy blogs for parents to be:

  • ELA: This app is one of the most popular ones and it has become quite popular because of the community it has.  Through this app, many women do regular chatting and discuss important things about reproductive health issues. Here you will get to know about fertility problems, periods, ovulation cycle, conceiving, TTC, and also about infertility treatments available for women facing problems in conceiving.

  • Alpha Mom: This pregnancy and parenting blog is by Isabel Kallman. The blog offers information in a simple format, layered with real facts, personal details, issues, and that too with an extra dose of humor. If as a reader you have some questions regarding pregnancy or baby planning then you can share here and that will be answered. 

  • American Pregnancy: This site is absolutely the perfect choice for those women who are expecting their baby soon. This blog is full of quality information and one can subscribe to this site for free and can get all necessary information relating to pregnancy. Worthy tips are given here and it has been noticed that if these tips are followed every pregnant woman can enjoy a successful delivery with ease.

  • Baby Center: Among top notch sites for pregnant women, the baby center is considered one of the best among them. This site will give all the necessary details regarding how to maintain health during the pregnancy period.

  • Mother Rising: Mother Rising is one of the popular holistic pregnancy blogs by a lady, Lindsey Morrow. She is by profession a childbirth educator, doula, besides being the mother of 3 lovely kids. Lindsey is having huge experience in this area and that she reflects in a very positive yet inspiring tone in her blog.

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