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Which are the best local marketing platforms?


Randolph Dwyer

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A marketing platform is an interface operated offline or online to help reach a wider audience to promote the product. A platform can be anything like a social media channel, Google AdWords, newspapers or anything that reaches a huge audience. But, managing multiple marking channels is a hectic work which requires a lot of one's productive time. However, with the advent of technology, there are a lot of marketing platforms which help in solving this issue. Below are 6 best local marketing platforms to look into:

ThriveHive is specifically made for small local business and it stands as the number one platform. It delivers different marketing plans which you can personalize based on your business. It also helps you to break your plan into small steps, learn about them and then execute it. 

The best part of this platform is that it is SEO optimized, and has a mobile-friendly website which comes with a blog. It also includes web hosting, free domain names, social media marketing, phone line tracking, contact databases, and email marketing.

ReachLocal has a pay-per-click optimization. It has come with an integrated marketing platform which delivers mobile-responsive design, email marketing, organic search, lead conversion, digital advertising, and other useful features. It is a paid platform and the pricing of ReachLocal starts at $149 per month. It is quite a good price as it delivers a complete package of tools to grow your business.

Perch is a mobile app designed to monitor competitors in online activities. This app is a combination of promotion, social media posts, and reviews which helps in the overall growth of local business. Also, it delivers different local insights which help to connect effectively with customers.

Demandforce is a local marketing tool which helps to communicate with your neighborhood-customers. It is a  platform tailored for small business to deliver marketing in an automated way where everything is synced with your management. This platform can develop good campaigns, increase your sales and ultimately generate a good amount of revenue.

Intuit Local:
Specially designed for service type business, Intuit Local helps your business to list out the business directory. This makes them post offers, coupons and different promotions on behalf of your business. Also, it comes with a database which helps in tracking profile pages views, clicks, and impressions of your local business. You can manage all this with the help of an admin console, anytime and anywhere.

LocalVox is an all-rounder delivering a mobile-optimized website, email marketing, social media management and much more within one platform. It is similar to ThriveHive. It helps to manage local directories, monitor social industry reputation and make use of coupons and deals. it even comes with a mobile app that helps you in growing local business periodically with time. 

If you want to take your local business to the next level, the above-mentioned platforms will surely help you.

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