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Which are the best languages for web designing?


Poonam Sharma

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If you’re interested in Web-development, then it becomes essential for you to master certain programming languages. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best programming languages for the efficient development of Web Designing. But before hopping into the main theme, let us first define the term Web Development.

Web Designing involves a combination of different computer skills like graphic designing, interface designing, efficient coding, authoring, etc.,  aimed at the development and maintenance of websites.

Languages for Web Development:    

  • HTML and CSS
    HTML is one of the base languages you need to learn for designing your websites. HTML is the building block for your webpages. HTML allows the programmer to add pictures, texts, videos in different forms, etc. into a single cohesive webpage.
    CSS, on the other hand, stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used for the presentation and content of your website., including colors, layout, and fonts. Along with JavaScript, HTML and CSS go hand in hand for efficient front end development.

  • JavaScript
    The most in-demand language for website development is JavaScript. It is an extremely important language from a developer’s side, which helps in controlling the browser, asynchronous communication, editing displayed content, helping in functional as well as object-oriented programming, etc, and it is one of the very few languages which is supported by all types of browsers without the requirements of any additional plug-ins.

  • Python
    A highly dynamic programming language, wherein the programmer can write and execute code without a compiler. It features code readability, which means that only a few lines of code are sufficient for expressing a point/concept. Some of the unique features of Python are:

    • Vast Library

    • Automated memory management

    • Dynamic in nature, supporting a lot of paradigms.

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