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Which are the best divorce lawyers in Chennai?


Vani Asok

Sane and sound

The divorce rate in India is enhancing compared to the previous decade due to several reasons including the development in mental and social aspects of life. The probability of divorce is less in south India but still a behavior of mutual separation is visible in major cities of the south. Chennai is such a city where many developments and social growth are occurring. 

Divorce is not an easy process in life. If the divorce is demanded mutually by both parties, the procedures and time required to finalize the divorce will be less compared to the consented divorce. In a consented divorce, either the husband or wife won't be willing to undergo the divorce. Under such circumstances, a good lawyer can always find ways to seek a divorce from the opposite party. This is where a good lawyer comes handy.

Some of the reputed and well-known advocates of Chennai are mentioned below for reference.

  1. Adv Mr.Sundara Pandya Raja

  2. Adv Ramesh Agarwal

  3. Adv K Prema

  4. Adv Ravi Shankar

  5. Adv Sathish Kumar

  6. Adv Kamakshi G

It is always wise to hire experienced and smart lawyers who can guide and assist you in performing the divorce without mental trauma. The above-mentioned lawyers are successful in enhancing the confidence and courage in their clients during the process of divorce.

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