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Which are the best books for constitutional law?


Anjana Roy

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For every law students, books are of great importance. Whatever knowledge they practice is gained from these books. Law books not only contains the laws of the country but they also contain several case studies which help the student to learn and understand better. Therefore, choosing the best books in the field of law is very important.

Not only students but law books are even referred by professional lawyers. The laws are continuously changing, and new laws are also added every year. To stay updated, referring to law books are very important. You may ask any law student, and they will tell you how much they are dependent on their books to become a successful lawyer in the future. This is one of the main reasons why law books are so expensive. Also, they are not easily available in regular book stores. Some of the books you may have to order online.

Best Books For Constitutional Law

Here is the list of some of the best books for constitutional law.

1. Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies

According to law students, this book is nothing less than a savior to them. For every law student, constitutional law is one of the terrifying subjects. But with the help of this book, you can learn the subject a bit more easily. This book explains the constitutional law in details and with clarity which helps the student to understand better.

2. Introduction To The Constitution Of India

This is yet another book that the learners find to be of great help. Written by Durga Das Basu, this book has helped numerous students to score good grades in their law paper. You can see all the amendments to the constitution nicely explained in this one single book. Constitutional law has never been this easy before this book.

3. A Short & Happy Guide To Constitutional Law

As the name suggests, a student can have a happy ending with their constitutional law subject by referring to this book. The book is an efficient one as it explains each and everything about the Indian constitution in simple language. This makes it easier for students to learn the subject better.

4. Constitutional Law Of India: A Critical Commentary

Written by HormasjiManeckji Seervai, this is one of the most trusted law books for the learners. With the help of this book, understanding the Indian Constitution becomes much easier.

So these are some of the best constitutional law books you can refer to. You can also look for more suggestion on the internet.

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