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Which are the best adventure movies of all time?


Catherine Gleron

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Everyone are interested to watch adventure movies. Adventure movies have been one of the most popular genres of filmmaking for decades now. In the past few years have proved that directors can bring out new aspects of this already explored genre. If you're looking for some fantastic adventure movies to watch this weekend, then have a look at some of the best adventure movies of all time.

  • 2001: Space Odyssey: considered as a true masterpiece, 2001: Space Odyssey has stood the test of time through the decades. The movie was released in the year 1968 shows the viewers how humans have made a place among the stars in the outer space by the year 2001. Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking imagination and thought-provoking story long have made a lasting impact in every viewer of this movie. It was and will always be one of the best classic adventure movies ever made.

  • The Revenant: The movie which fetched Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar is one of the best adventure thriller films of recent times. The story revolves around how a huntsman, who has been severely injured and abandoned by his team, survives until the end and explores the vast snow-covered American lands. Extraordinary cinematography and visuals along with DiCaprio’s excellent acting skills deserve a standing ovation.

  • Into The Wild: A beautifully portrayed and thought-provoking movie that will help you realize a lot about the realities of life. The story depicts the life of Christopher who donates all his savings to a charity and abandons all his possessions to embark upon a journey that will help him to shape his life. The soul-soothing visuals and landscapes through ever-changing regions will surely keep you at the edge of your seat.

  • Lord of the Rings: One of the highest grossing series of all time, Lord of the Rings is one of the best adventure films that you can watch. The series consists of three epic tales of how a group of hobbits and brave men embark on a journey to defeat the evil and bring back the good one their land. It portrays the real sense of friendship, brotherhood, bravery, the power of evil and so many other different elements that give the movie a whole new and different taste everytime you watch it.

So here are some of the best adventure movies of all time that you can choose to watch this weekend and spend your day with some exciting and exhilarating movie scenes.

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