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Which are some of the vehicle technology advancements?

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Supriya Daanish Thakur

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We are living in a world of technology where advancements are taking place at a tremendous rate. Every day some new piece of technology comes into the light which revolutionizes our way of living. One such filed where advancements are soaring sky high is the automobile industry.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the milestones in the automobile industry and some upcoming advancements for our vehicles.

  • Ventilated and Heated Seats
    One of the most cherished advancements ever made was the introduction of the heated seats, which was a boon during the winter. The heated seats were first offered in vehicles by Cadillac in their Fleetwood luxury cars in 1966. 

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
    Adaptive Cruise Control uses sensors to analyze the vehicles in front and then adjust the speed of the car accordingly. Some Adaptive Cruise Control can also bring a car to a complete halt in traffic and then automatically resume, which makes it a very popular choice for the drivers.

  • Keyless entry and push start
    The drivers can lock and unlock their cars using sensors in their electronic key. Using the push start button, you can ignite your car with just a push. 

  • Parking sensors and camera
    With the introduction of the parking sensors and back camera, parking became an easy task. Cases of hitting the bumper of another car or running over the trash cans while parking in reverse is nowhere to be seen now. Selected cars have 360° cameras for more precise parking experience.

  • Voice-Controlled Vehicles
    Advancements are going on at full scale for introducing voice-assistance systems like Alexa, in your vehicles for a whole new level of driving experience.

  • Self-Driving Cars
    Scientists have already been successful in developing manless-vehicles, aimed at eliminating road accidents to almost nil.

  • Self-Diagnosing Cars
    Researchers are developing on software which will help a vehicle to keep track of its condition and detect any mechanical problem automatically.


Santia Christiane

Dream beyond limits

In the past few years, the world has seen a myriad of different technological advancements in the vehicle technology sector. Not only our cars are more stylish and modern to look at, but they are also much smarter and sophisticated. So here are some of the top vehicle technology advancements that have undoubtedly helped the consumers in the past few years in a brilliant manner.

  • Parking sensors and camera - Parking a vehicle is probably one of the most challenging tasks at times. Previously, drivers would need to rely on their windows only to park their cars. But now with the help of the parking sensors and camera, it is much more comfortable and convenient to check what is in the back and sides of the vehicle while parking.

  • Lane Keeping Assistance - Safety is the number one priority for most of the drivers. Lane Keep Assist technology is a welcome feature for them. This technology notifies and alerts the driver when they are breaking out of the road lane they are supposed to drive through. Thus allowing the driver to adjust the car and prevent an accident.

  • Navigation - Well, navigation needs no introduction. With the help of navigation systems, people can now reach different unknown places easily without having to lose their direction and get trapped in a dead end. Navigation systems assist and show you the best routes to your destination.

  • Smartphone Integration - Smartphone integration technologies have allowed the consumers to connect their mobile phones with the car system and now you can pick up calls, play music, and do all sorts of recreational activities very quickly.

  • Auto-Emergency Brakes - Automatic emergency brakes come to the rescue when your reflexes fail to stop the car in time. Auto-braking systems provide a much safe and convenient ride especially when you are driving at night or on a long drive. These systems are much quicker and efficient than the human brain when it comes to stopping the car at the right moment.

  • Driving Modes - Manufacturers have developed different driving modes and integrated them into their vehicles. This wide range of driving modes allows the users to ride their car according to the activities they are planning to endeavor on. So if you want to save some fuel or want to take your car to the maximum performance, driving modes will provide you with suitable controls always.

So here are some of the best vehicle technology advancements that the consumers have seen and enjoy on a daily basis. 


Ritesh Patil

Technology is best when it brings people together

The automotive industry has witnessed a continuous transformation in the past few years. The advancement in vehicular technology is leading this transformation to reach new heights alongside providing new and improvised systems that are supporting the transportation sector like never before. 

Let’s have a look at some of the vehicle technology advancements that have left a lasting impact on the transportation industry. 

Smart Integration of AI -  With integrated AI, data processing offers insights about supply, manufacturing process, information about products, etc. It helps to predict vulnerabilities and disruptions in the product. Additionally, it also provides historical data and past behaviors to improve vehicle performance.


Real-time Navigation - With an advanced navigation system, people can now travel to even the remotest of areas. The system helps to take the fastest route and avoid traffic congestion or roadblocks. Businesses across the globe are adopting this technology to boost their transportation and logistics workflow.    


Digital Twinning - To bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world, digital twin technology helps serve the purpose. Digital twin systems are not static replications and enable streamlined data optimization. Vehicular organizations are implementing digital twin systems to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Autonomous Driving - Automobile giants like Audi, Tesla, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are already leveraging this technology and making traveling hassle-free. This technology advancement helps vehicles to successfully respond to external on-field environments without any driver assistance.  


Speech Recognition - People now have the privilege to control each and every vehicle’s function with their voice. It’s an in-built feature that boosts the convenience and safety of the passengers. Also, this feature is slowly and steadily becoming a cross-platform and multilingual facility. 

Digital Key - Many carmakers now provide connected smartphone applications which help owners to manage, lock, and unlock cars remotely. These applications also help in checking tyre pressure and fuel level. They act as a digital key to start the vehicle and also have some built-in security features. 

Including all the above advancements, only time can tell what more technologies can impact the automobile industry in the future.         


Denis Ross

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