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Which are India's top lawyers?


Anwar Joshi

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An advocate is an identity who is adequately trained with the principles of law and has the aptitude for dealing with any case that requires justice and law. But the complementary side of advocates is that they can even save a criminal who performed severe offense against the judicial system with their strong power in arguments. India has a vast number of such prominent and sturdy lawyers. 

Some of the prominent lawyers in India with a strong review from various cases are discussed below.

1. K.Venugopal 

K Venugopal is one of the foremost lawyers for judicial reformations in India. He is upon the formulation of provincial courts of the Supreme Court of India. He was designated as the General Attorney of India. In the journey of advocating, he was able to appear in numerous high-profile trials. Most importantly, he was delegated by the Bhutan Royal Government to serve as the Constitutional adviser for creating and delineating of Bhutan Constitution.

2. Soli J Sorabjee 

 He is a distinguished Human Rights Council. He is a Victor of right to Freedom of Speech and Expression. Under certain circumstances, he had defended freedom of the journalists in several benchmark incidents in the Supreme Court. Soli J Sorabjee had made remarkable milestones as an eminent writer on the protection of human rights, bracing constitutional law, and freedom to expression, etc.

3. Ram Jethmalani 

He is a loyal lawyer who fought hard for giving justice to all his clients without taking in any strokes. He is considered to be the most popular name in the judicial fellowship of India. We may mention him as the oldest lawyer in India who is specialized in criminal and constitutional laws. Jethmalani is the most-paid criminal lawyers in India.

4. Abhishek Manu Singhvi 

He is a distinguished attorney, parliamentarian, obvious media cynosure, well-popular analyst, writer, and critic. His area of specialization includes corporate law, commercial law, administrative law, Constitutional law, and worldwide commercial negotiations, etc. He is a segment of the Supreme Court designed and controlled mutual legal panels.

5. Fali S. Nariman 

Fali S. Nariman is considered as one among loved personalities in the law sector because of the remarkable marks he had left behind. He is a judge, a genuine existing miracle of law. The judge is globally identified and remains to be a living legend. He had the honorable fortune to receive Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and Gruber Prize for Justice. He contributed numerous things to the Indian judicial system, and he is known for his lively humorous manner of replying and dealing with cases.

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