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Which address is printed on the passport? Present or permanent?


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Passport is one of the important documents embarked on a personal identity that holds information regarding his details. It is considered as nationality proof as well as identity proof. Passport is requested to submit for many legal sanctions under Indian laws. This document holds valuable details of a person like address, mobile numbers, aadhar and voter id, etc.

If any legal technical or severe issues occur, the authorities will directly approach the person with the address given in the passport. It is critical to submitting your details for passport application since any minor mistakes can result in major issues.

Which address is printed on the passport?

You are requested to submit a Passport Application form along with all the mentioned documents while applying for a new passport or Renewal. The Passport Application form is available in the Indian Passport Online Portal. This passport asks for the present address of the applicant rather than the permanent address. But there is a question seeking if the present address and permanent address is the same.

If your present and permanent address are the same, then put a tick mark in yes box, and if it’s not the same, tick in the NO box. The explanation regarding this question is mentioned in the Passport Application Instruction Manual. It explains below.

So the present address is printed on the passport since we are providing our present address in the application form. The documents proving your present and permanent address are submitted while applying for a passport.

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