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Where you can get a good law essay help?

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finsha zumi

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Pre legal essay writing tips


A lot of essay writing competitions, even those with huge prize monies, receive very very few entries.

Out of the 25-30 entries that are received in an average essay competition, half are pathetic.

The odds that a well-written, well-researched essay wins the big prize money is pretty good.


Read ‘about’ the essay competition in detail.

Do read the brochure or the website carefully even before starting to write.

Know about the organisation which is organizing the essay competition, about what they are expecting, the rules, regulations etc.


Before starting to write an essay you should ideally consult a competent faculty member, unless of course, you yourself have made a project on it.

If you can find no faculty member with that subject as her specialisation, ask her to refer you to another faculty or a senior researcher.

Discuss the subject/essay topic with him/her. This will save you a lot of time and effort.


Natan Scott

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Emma Parker

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