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Where would you look to find an article on recent fashion trends?

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Lakshmi Atwal

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Fashion tends to evolve and change from season to season. Magazines are one of the important sources to find recent shifts and changes in fashion trends. 

However, due to the rise of the internet, a lot of magazines have switched to a digital format. To survive this digital age, many magazines are coming live digitally. So, now you can also check their websites, social media accounts, and subscribe to their digital subscription to get the latest updates about the trends in the fashion industry. 

Magazines and websites post a lot of articles and content related to recent fashion trends. This has become one of the easiest ways to get updates about the trends. Below are some of the top fashion magazines globally that you should check out if you want to increase your knowledge about fashion. These magazines cover all the latest trends and will also give you insights into the biggest fashion events and shows. These magazines set a standard worldwide.

Magazines to follow:

  1. Vogue
  2. Elle
  3. Cosmopolitan
  4. Glamour
  5. Harper’s Bazaar
  6. GQ Style (For men’s fashion)
  7. W
  8. Marie Claire
  9. Teen Vogue (a teenage version of the Vogue Magazine)
  10. Essence
  11. Allure
  12. InStyle

Fashion blogs to follow:

Following a fashion blog or a fashion, a website is another way to capture the details about what, when, why, and who of the fashion world. Fashion bloggers can give you different insights into the world of style and fashion and you can also find some of their personalized tips on their websites.  

Check out the blogs of these top Fashion Bloggers

Every fashionista is unique. But here are some of the top fashion bloggers that you should look up to for your daily dose of fashion and style:

  1. Lisa Gachet
  2. Wendy Nguyen 
  3. Tanesha Awasthi 
  4. Monikh
  5. Caro Daur
  6. Devina Malhotra
  7. Aashna Shroff 
  8. Gia Kashyap 

Check out the above magazines and follow all the magazines and the fashion bloggers on social media to stay updated about the latest trends in the world of fashion.


Tania Olteanu

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Fashion can be defined as a popular way of making aesthetic expressions based on a certain time and context. The expression of fashion can be seen especially in clothing, lifestyle, footwear, accessories, and cosmetics and hairstyling.
Today’s fashion industry is one o the fast-paced one and continuously growing at a rapid speed. One needs to perform so many things to be with the trend and stay updated about the latest happening in the industry. But how can one do that? Well, the fact is that when you lack having any reliable resources for the industry news you remain backdated. We all are searching for reliable sources like websites posting fresh, updated and relevant news daily about the industry of fashion to keep us updated. 
Some of the top-notch sites where you will get the chance to read the latest articles on fashion. Visiting the sites you will learn about the industry's enchanting creations and the fashion favorites of the year. There is one magazine called Fashion Spot which shares the list of best articles of the fashion industry for the readers (weekly). 

 Magazines of fashion which one can check for updated information:

  • Style
  • Hypebeast
  • Vogue
  • GQ Style
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Esquire
  • Nylon
  • WWD

Apart from the above, there are many other sites to visit for quality, updated and latest information. People who prefer to remain up to date and go with the latest fashion trends follow different fashion magazines. We cannot deny that fashion is truly important for all as it manages to create a positive impression when we dress up according to ongoing style and keep in mind what suits are best.


Olivia Vaughan

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John Morrow

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