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Where to file a complaint against a landlord in India?


Anwar Joshi

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More than 42% of the Indian population depends on a tenant-landlord residency system due to high population density and lack of lands and properties to accommodate. There are cases in which the landlord cause stress and tension among each other leaving the tenants with no option but to move to legal solutions. Tenants face harassments from the landlord in different ways.

People are unaware of the legal actions they can adopt to claim their judicial rights from the landlord. If you are being harassed by trespassing through the property, you can file a complaint in the closest police station. The police will write FIR by taking your oral statement and file a case under Section 411 of the IPC.

If the tenant experience a nuisance from the landlord in any circumstances, he/she can file a complaint in the magistrate court under section 286 of IPC.

If the landlord is sexually harassing the tenant physically or even by placing a camera in your private space with intention of sexual harassment, then the tenant can file a complaint against the landlord to the police seeking immediate action.

The case in which the landlord intends to damage our property by undergoing certain destruction to utilities or assets, the tenant can file a case against the landlord in civil court.

Sometimes the tenants send notice demanding their property back. In such situations, the landlord will send an eviction notice without any valid grounds. So if the reason provided for eviction is wrong and pointless, you can file a case on the support of the Rent Control Act.

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