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Where should I start to learn coding?


Nitika Kale

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Coding can come in quite handy, given that we are in the technological era. It need not be for career prospects but to simply stretch your brain and let you feel accomplished as well. If you want to learn to programme and you are not sure where and how should you start to learn to code, then this article will give you the necessary pointers.

Why should you learn?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself before venturing out to learn to code. There are different programming languages, and of course, the coding will vary between them. If you are looking to take up coding professionally, then you might want to enroll yourself in classes that will get you the necessary skills along with the required certification. There are also interactive online classes that can help you learn to code if you want to do it for fun.

Learn the basics

There are different terms often used in programming, and it doesn’t vary much between different languages. To start with, you can start learning these terminologies that are used frequently with regards to computers. You can get this information from many different online sources or choose to read a book that focuses on fundamentals in computer science.

What is the language you want to learn?

As mentioned earlier there are multiple programming languages, and you need to choose the one that you want to excel at. Before analyzing the various languages, you need to understand that everything stems from basics that you learn first. If you have already tried coding in a language and haven’t been successful, it doesn’t necessarily mean you lack skills. You need to take a different approach and try pursuing your interest.

Depending on what you want to do with your knowledge, you can decide on the language or coding you want to learn. If you want to develop a website then learning HTML and CSS can be quite handy. You can then add on coding with Javascript to make interactive elements in websites.

Continuous learning

There is no definitive end to learning coding. Remember that despite experience in coding, you might still want to look up books and online materials for certain programs and codes. There are multiple online coding communities where you can post your queries and get answers from coding experts all over the world.

Online tutorials

A simple search online will get you many interactive tutorials and videos that will help you make the right start into coding. You can check out which Apple partnered with or Codeacademy which has step by step guidance on writing codes.

Irrespective of the reason why you want to learn to code, many different venues offer you the opportunity to learn by yourself.

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