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When do you start noticing pregnancy symptoms?


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The symptoms of pregnancy differ from one individual to other, and there is minimal research regarding this topic. Some women feel the symptoms of pregnancy after a week or two of conceiving, while some do not feel any symptoms even after months.

While ultrasounds and pregnancy tests are the two ways to tell if someone is pregnant or not, there are no evident symptoms and signs you can look out for. Missed periods are the earliest sign of pregnancy. Morning sickness, fatigue, and smell sensitivity are some other forms of symptoms of pregnancy.

Well even with all these uncertainties, we have compiled some of the most common pregnancy symptoms every woman feels, here is the list of some of the earliest signs of pregnancy which can begin around six days after conception.

1. Spotting and Cramping during early pregnancy:
Everything happens at a cellular level during the first four weeks. During these weeks the egg fertilizes which that will develop into baby’s body parts and organs.

2. Missed period:
The female human body begins to produce human chorionic gonadotropin one's the implantation is finished. This is the hormone which helps the female body to maintain the pregnancy state. By the signals sent by this hormone ovaries stop releasing the mature eggs every month.That cause the missed periods. Take a pregnancy test if you happen to have irregular periods.
The majority of the pregnancy tests performed at home can detect this hormone.  These tests detect the hCG levels in the urine and tell if the person is pregnant or not.

3. High body temperature:
You may also experience an increase in the body temperature during early pregnancy. The core temperature of the body tends to increase more readily in hot weather or during exercise in the first pregnancy. Make sure to drink plenty of water at this time.

4. Heavy fatigue:
During the period of pregnancy, fatigue can develop. Fatigue is also a common sign of early pregnancy. You may feel a lot sleepier because your progesterone levels will soar.

5. Growing, aching and tingling in the breasts:
In week four and six of pregnancy breast changes can occur. During this time you are likely to develop swollen and tender breast because of hormone changes. These changes in the breasts will go away when your body adjusts itself to the changes in the hormones.

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