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What would impress ancient builders most about modern construction?


Kanika Tanu

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The ancient builders were traditional and cultural in their way. They made buildings based on history and culture alone. However, the construction techniques have changed in recent times. This has primarily happened due to the enhancement in technology. Today's modern construction methodologies is a fusion of tradition and technology. Below are some of the characteristics of contemporary construction that would impress ancient builders.

  • The emphasis of vertical and horizontal lines along with rectangular forms

Modern construction is based on dramatic effects. The well-defined planes compliment the vertical structures against Horizontal forms. The shape of architecture is either linked boxes or based boxes.

  • Less use of ornaments

The materials are used in a simple and well-executed manner giving the architecture a clean and aesthetic look. The moldings and trims are less applied or simplified with the architecture.

  • Modern systems and materials usage

The contemporary material such as steel columns for exposed constituents, concrete block for finished materials, steel trusses for free spaces and heating systems for the comfort of a human has brought about positive changes to the construction industry.

  • Usage of traditions in modern ways

The materials like brick, stones, and wood are used in modern architectures simplified manner. The stonework and block are used in a straightforward way that is unornamented and rectilinear.

  • The relation between sites and interior spaces

The glasses are used in the form of vast expanses in a building that looks simple and aesthetic. It helps in getting natural landscaping and dramatic views.

  • Materials honesty

Modern construction uses wood where it is stained and not painted. It is done to express the natural form of timber.

  • Use of natural ways to enhance the comfort of human

The modern architecture is designed in a way that it can extract nature's forces. For example, solar panels are used in contemporary construction to capture the sun rays which is then converted into electricity. The long overhangs along with recessed openings provide shading so that homes are cold in summer.

  • Emphasis on interior spaces

The interior spaces in modern construction are made to reflect a relaxed and casual way of living. This is why doors, hallways, and walls do not define the living, kitchen and dining spaces.

These are the characteristics that define the modern construction and why it would impress ancient architectures. This shows that modern construction still uses traditional ways but in a contemporary form. The significant differences in old buildings and modern development are the technology that is being used. The technology has evolved, and it has changed the way of the current edifice. Hoping the answers helps to solve the question.

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